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CO8 - Aircraft Painter (713234)

Spirit Aerosystems
Kinston, North Carolina, United States
April 15, 2019


Per Diem of $110/week will be provided if applicable


Level C

1. Perform process activities including, e.g., painting, metal etching, metal polishing of aircraft details, heat treating, engraving, shot peening, sand blasting, wire assembling/fabrication, decal/metalcals and metal processing, etc. to support the production requirements.

2. Qualified to set-up and test electrical/mechanical/ hydraulic/pneumatic assemblies and components.

3. Spray and brush priming.

4. Perform hand finishing operations typical of the following: blending of multiple adjacent MDD surfaces into engineering tolerances and/or perform transition work to bring detail parts in accordance with engineering tolerances.


2+ years of experience

Please indicate on resume what shift they are able to work

Must be clean shaven - if mustache, then it must not be outside their upper lip. - Have to have this for respirator training.