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Full time Housekeepers (Washago, Ontario)

Monardo's Staffing
Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada
$14.25 - $18.95 / Ho
April 12, 2019


Fantastic Hotel Housekeeping $14.90 to start

We are looking for cleaning people just like you! We are a great little Hotel that has a great team and a fantastic housekeeping department. We are very proud to say that we treat our team the best, in the business.

Our entire mission is for our team to be happy, enjoy what they are doing, and to pass that attitude onto our guests!

We take pride in providing free hands on training. This ensures top notch service and gives people with a good attitude a chance to get experience.

Looking for a Hotel housekeeper with 1 year experience at least

There are a number of advantages of working at our hotel

• FLEXIBILITY: We ask that you be available at least 2 weekend shifts per month, and in exchange we let you choose what days you work! You will get 5 shifts a week full time permanent in addition to those

• THE OPPORTUNITY We have a lot of different shifts at a lot of different hotels as our ownership group owns more than a dozen hotels! You will always have the shifts you want and you will always have opportunity for advancement

• THE PAY: Casual entry level team members start at $14.90 - $16.99 per hour.

• STEADY WORK: We have consistent work. We can offer you shifts all year, all the time. There are no down times.

• Equality: We treat all people the same, and pay all people equally! We ensure everybody is treated fairly and with respect

We hope to receive your resume!