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Lead Developer MMORPG

The Hague, South Holland, The Netherlands
April 17, 2019


Are you a talented video-game lead-developer that would love to have responsibility for the technical development of a unique MMORPG design? Would you like to live in the Netherlands (the Hague area)? Than perhaps this is the opportunity for you.

We are an early phase project, currently in the stage of acquiring financing. We are looking for a partner in this large project. In exchange for shares you will be responsible for leading the programming of the game. With a small team of experts we aim to bring this game to community funding and achieve additional funding from other sources. We all work on this on a time-for-share basis.

If we are successful in securing funding you will be employed as our Lead Developer to lead and mentor the programming team, co-design the way we build the game, have an important voice in the technical strategy & planning and create the code for the game for years to come. You will share this responsibility with our technical director. You will be required to move to the Netherlands (the Hague proximity).

Your time investment for the early phase is limited. We have a comprehensive GDD and TDD that we need you to verify and improve and we need your input for strategic choices regarding software architecture and game engine. We will add your name and experience to the project as lead developer, giving the project your seal of approval. For these contributions you don’t need to be in the Netherlands. Only when we can match our offer with a full-time employment, will you be required to make the move.

We take into account that you might come from outside the Netherlands, as within the Netherlands only very few game studios have experience with large scale PC/console multi-player projects. When the time comes we will offer you a secure contract and assist you, and if need be, your family, to move over and settle in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has good college and university programs for developers, but graduates mostly seek employment in other countries. It is likely that you will be directing and teaching programmers that are fresh out of higher education. For this reason you must not only be a technical visionary, you must also enjoy coaching and team building to create your own quality team.

For further details on this position, please check out our website.