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PCB Soldering Assembler - 2nd Shift

Johnson Service Group 949 415.5478
Culver City, California, United States
April 16, 2019


JSG is hiring PCB Soldering Assembler for our client in Culver City, CA!

2nd Shift

Our Client, the leading supplier in the design, development, and manufacture of high-reliability frequency control oscillators for space, military, and industrial applications, is seeking qualified candidates for the position of PCB Soldering Assembler.

Qualifications required:

Must be able to use numerous types of assembly tools and equipment, including microscopes, soldering irons, reflow equipment, tweezers, picks, scalpels, hot plates, epoxies, etc.

Must have previous experience in PCB Assembly.

Must be able to work and solder under a microscope on a full-time basis.

Must be able to handle and solder micro-miniature components.

Must have knowledge of Basic Component Identification, including polarity markings, and pin designators.

Must have authorization to work in this country for any employer.

Responsibilities will include:

Read work orders, follow production drawings and sample assemblies, and receive verbal instructions regarding duties to be performed.

Position and align parts in specified relationship to each other in jig, fixture, or other holding device.

Mount assembled components, such as resistors, transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, and sockets, on PC boards. Usual component sizes are 0402 and 0201.

Solder and unsolder miniature PCB components.

Perform assembly operations under microscope or other magnifying device.

Perform visual inspection of assembled devices.