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Home Tutors in Chennai - Teach Part-time, Earn Full-time

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
April 10, 2019


Hi There!

Join India's fastest growing community of Private Tutors, share your passion for teaching and get handsomely paid too!

Whether you are new to tutoring or a professional tutors, you could join us!

About the Company:

FabTutor - FabTutor is India’s fastest growing Tuition & Coaching platform and employs the best Tutors combined with professional and innovative approach to coaching.

What we do?!

FabTutor provides home tutors to students right to their doorsteps and makes the learning process most fun and effective.

What Subjects can you teach?

- School Tuitions (K12) : All boards

- Competitive Exams

- College Support

- Indian and Foreign languages

- Music & art

- Dance

- Sports

- Yoga

- Robotics

- Vedic Maths

- Abacus

- Hobby classes

- Fitness

- Career counseling

- Video editing/ Photography

and much more!

What is the Qualification criteria?

- Minimum high school (even College students can apply!)

- Our student's growth is the top most priority for us. Hence, we look for an insatiable passion and result-oriented drive in all our tutors.

When Students trust and leave their future in our hands, I am sure you agree that is something not to be taken lightly!

What is the selection criteria?

- Once you apply, we meet you at our corporate office for a quick assessment and a face-to-face interview. This is a breezy step and once you are through, we will get

you started and provide all the necessary support and training to make you successful!

How much will I get paid?

- It depends on your experience and the subject that you teach. The monthly fees per student might be anywhere between 3k to 10K!

Does it cost me to apply with FabTutor?

- None! You can create a free profile with us. We will do all the marketing for you and find students right within the area you live

Note : At this point, we are looking for Tutors within the West Chennai area. However, we are expanding pretty fast and others can also apply and we will get in touch with you!