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Shift Supervisor - 5666

Absolute Opportunities
Windham, ME
November 07, 2019


Shift Supervisor - 5666

Relocation Available: Yes

Salary / Package: Based on qualifications.

Location: Maine

Town / City: Windham

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

The 2nd Shift Supervisor is a mid-level manager responsible for personnel and resources needed to meet company goals on a daily basis. He/she is to be a communication conduit providing clear written and verbal communications across all levels of the organization. He/she is to provide leadership by upholding all company policies (safety, quality, and personnel) while always exemplifying the highest level of professionalism. He/she is required to be a champion of continuous improvement of staff (training), work practices (SOP’s), work environment (housekeeping), and resource conditions (PMs) thus leading the way to always be a “World Leader” within industry.

Key Responsibilities

A. Develop team members to support and meet company directives by setting goals and expectations. Provide continuous feedback and timely reviews to clearly communicate an individual’s standing within the organization against goals and expectations. Documented reviews are required for all staff and are to be performed in a timely manner.

B. Ensuring and maintaining high standards of manufacturing operations, product quality, reliability, and safety. This includes ensuring that the productivity goals established for their team with scheduling and operations management are consistently met and that obstacles to achieving those goals are called out and addressed.

C. Provide alternatives and or recommendations to improve manufacturing efficiency, manufacturing methods and processes, part quality and to improve rates of production and to decrease costs are also critical goals.

D. Promote resource reliability by ensuring maintenance is done as directed, resources are used as intended and any resources in need of repair are reported promptly to management (and if needed follow-up with management) so they can be addressed.

E. As the sole management staff on-site after hours, have critical discernment on when to proceed with troubleshooting to continue production efforts and when appropriate to shut down a resource(s) and redeploy staff to other resources.

F. As the sole management staff on-site after hours, take on and cover key QC production oriented needs that include but are not limited to:

• Conducting inspections (1st piece and as needed)

• Building, setting up and/ or repairing inspection equipment IE bore gauges, ultrasonic gauges (handheld or imbedded) etc.

G. As a leader, be self-directed and act as a role model championing corporate goals and supporting organizational objectives, policies and programs across the entire organization and inspire those around you to do the same.

Organizational Relationship

The 2nd Shift Supervisor 1) reports directly to the Manager, Production 2) has an obligation to directly support their counterpart (s) on other shifts by ensuring they are as completely up to date as possible on issues and or concerns, as

well as supporting them by providing information on our staff, and 3) has a support responsibility to all functional Directors, Managers and Process Engineers.

Job Requirements

A. Education and Training

1. Ideally have a two year technical degree or equivalent experience.

2. Additional education to include managerial training and problem solving disciplines (i.e. Operational Management, Leadership /Coaching, Statistical Quality Control/Statistical Process Control, etc.).

3. Keeping up-to-date technically and applying industry specific knowledge, especially related to using inspection tools is an ongoing expectation.

B. Technical Requirements

1. High mechanical aptitude with strong mathematical skills, to include but not limited to trigonometry, geometry, metric conversions, etc. to problem solve and improve operations.

2. Ideally possess strong blueprint reading skills with a working knowledge of and practical experience in valid inspection methods and understanding/using GD&T.

3. Highly organized as demonstrated by but not limited to being able to keep records (including relevant correspondence) in a sensible & logical format easily accessible by them as well as by others.

C. Coaching and Managerial Leadership

1. Three to five years of broad technical/manufacturing experience preferably with a precision machining background, of which at least two years should be in manufacturing acting as a Team Leader or Supervisor.

2. Able to inspire a team to grow and achieve goals in an inclusive manner, recognizing that the output and enhancement of that team’s capabilities is critical. Consistently use employee’s assigned task to build upon their strong and weak skill sets, to produce “chips” more efficiently and effectively. Reducing the team members’ need to come to them for support and assistance and instead for that staff to become a source for others and have their supervisor be able to delegate aspects of problem solving, attaining production & quality goals are measures of success.

3. Routinely provide active, ongoing and timely feedback whether positive or negative to include documented standardized evaluations for each staff member as outlined by HR and Training guidelines as well as ensuring that training records as well as adhoc reporting are current so they can be acted upon quickly.

4. Be open minded and recognize that suggestions and or questions regarding why a process is done in a particular fashion are opportunities to both improve their team members’ capabilities as well as for the Supervisor to discover new ways to enhance organizational processes.

D. Communications Skills

1. Professionally respond to verbal and written communications.

2. Communicate clearly so information is understood and can be acted upon. This includes providing daily expectations for their staff as well as e-mails, shift logs, Deviation Reports (DR’s) and action items.

E. Work Environment

1. Contributes to providing and maintaining a safe work environment for all employees and visitors. This includes identifying potential risks and recommending/implementing remediations to those risks. As the leader interacting with a large number of staff on our production floor in order to achieve their

2. process/project goals, keeping those supporting production staff actively engaged in keeping the production areas clean and safe for everyone is an important daily aspect of this role as well.

3. Extensive interaction over the entire manufacturing floor requires significant standing and walking on an ongoing basis and the 2nd Shift Supervisor must have the ability to sit and stand, use arms, hands and fingers

to perform routine administrative duties and lift 50 lbs.

4. As an important part of the operational leadership with a direct responsibility for a number of production staff, expected to work on average 45 hours per week and more on occasion when production needs call for it.

F. Additional Responsibilities

• Must be able to maintain confidentiality and guard the integrity of proprietary information.

• Must be legally authorized to work in the United States for this position.

• Demonstrate a high level of professionalism.

• Able to work in a fast paced environment.

• Able to work well under pressure and maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude.

• Eager to learn and expand responsibilities.

• Willingness to operate production equipment when required.

• Other duties as assigned by Management.

Bottom Line Requirements:

1. 2 year technical degree or higher education.

2. 3 to 5 years of manufacturing experience with a precision machining background.

3. Supervisory or leadership experience in a manufacturing environment.