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Quality Manager Automotive Industry IN #5522

Absolute Opportunities
Fort Wayne, IN
November 07, 2019


Quality Manager – Automotive Industry – IN #5522

Relocation No

Location Fort Wayne Indiana Area

Manage all engineers in the quality department, delegating and overseeing major projects. Develop associates and advise/coach on career development. Develop and improve upon projects & procedures for the department and for the company in order to keep the company successfully moving forward.


1. Attend meetings and present on status of Quality and Warranty:

• Create short and long term goals for warranties

• Report on and review warranty goals

• Communicate top management expectations to all associate levels

• Gather and summarize information from engineers to give status reports

• Attend “greeting” meetings to introduce the management contact to new customers

2. Communicate projects, proposals & issues between customers and engineers; follow up on communications:

• Continue to develop and maintain relationships with current customers

• Explain customer requests to all associates involved in project

• Assign a leader of projects to departments and associates

• Smooth relations when issues arise and when management is necessary

3. Associate Relations (advise, mentor, problem solve, and evaluate performance):

• Monitor emails and reports being sent to internal & external customers

• Provide corrective coaching or feedback on associates steps/procedures during projects

• Advise on communication structure

• Explain and determine expectations of their position

• Develop associate goals and perform follow-ups

• Delegate appropriate projects to the level and abilities of each associate

• Schedule training classes for continuing education or on-the-job training

• Evaluate performance, administer performance appraisal 2x per year

4. Review Reporting:

• Review for content, structure, detail and editing

• Assist in data gathering, reporting, and summary

5. Resolve customer issues and concerns:

• Manage all issues

Maintain awareness of communications between associates and external customers


1. Education

• Bachelor's degree

2. Experience & Skills

• 12+ years of experience

• 4+ years supervisory experience


In addition to work output, Associates will be evaluated based on competencies for this position and all areas of the performance evaluation. Below is the listing of competencies for this position.


Communicates well both verbally and in writing, creates accurate and punctual reports, delivers presentations, shares information and ideas with others, has good listening skills. Able to clearly express ideas and concepts in written and verbal form.

Integrity / Ethics:

Deals with others in a straightforward and honest manner, is accountable for actions, maintains confidentiality, supports company values, and conveys good news and bad.


Is attentive to detail and accuracy, is committed to excellence, looks for improvements continuously, monitors quality levels, finds root cause of quality problems, owns/acts on quality problems.

Customer Service Orientation:

Builds customer confidence, is committed to increasing customer satisfaction, sets achievable customer expectations, assumes responsibility for solving customer problems, ensures commitments to customers are met, solicits opinions and ideas from customers, responds to internal customers.

Teamwork & Cooperation:

Meets all team deadlines and responsibilities, listens to others and values opinions, helps team leader to meet goals, welcomes newcomers and promotes a team atmosphere. Willing to directly participate rather than delegate.


Adapts to change, is open to new ideas, takes on new responsibilities, handles pressure, and adjusts plans to meet changing needs. Ability to adapt to and work effectively with a variety of situations, individuals, or groups. Understands and appreciate different and opposing perspectives on an issue.

Budgets / Cost Control:

Plans for and uses resources efficiently, always looks for ways to reduce costs, creates accurate and realistic budgets, tracks, and adjusts budgets, contributes to budget planning.

Decision Making / Judgment:

Recognizes problems and responds, systematically gathers information, sorts through complex issues, seeks input from others, addresses root cause of issues, makes timely decisions, can make difficult decisions, uses consensus when possible, and communicates decisions to others.

Managing Performance/Development:

Applies clear/consistent performance standards, handles performance problems decisively and objectively, is direct, but tactful, provides guidance and assistance to improve performance. Provides feedback and coaching, rewards hard work and risk taking, takes mentoring role, challenges and develops Associate, accepts mistakes, provides visibility/opportunity.

Strategic Thinking/Management:

Creates and communicates a long-term vision, balances short and long term goals, keeps own and team's work aligned with overall goals, understands the market and can predict change, understands the industry and the competition, creates and adjusts strategic plans.

Bottom line requirements we need notes on with candidate submittal:

1. Bachelor’s degree.

2. 12+ years of Quality Engineering experience in automotive industry manufacturing or related.

3. 4+ years of Quality Engineering Supervisory experience in automotive industry manufacturing or related.