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Frame Fabricator

Biddeford, ME
November 15, 2019


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Confirm that all safety measures are in place and operational including welding screens before working.

• Perform daily maintenance and safety checks on welding equipment.

• Layout, fit, weld, and finish parts with minimal or no supervision according to customer specifications in the allocated time.

• Measure work-piece dimensions throughout the frame fabrication operation to assure quality and the ability to replicate.

• Recommend improvements to perform the job more efficiently.

• Maintain a log of preventive maintenance on a daily/weekly schedule according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

• Alert supervisor of any maintenance on daily/weekly schedule according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

• Observe tool and machine operation to detect work piece defects or welding machine malfunction.

• Notify the supervisor of any problems and suggested changes that will allow jobs to run more efficiently.

• Finishing of welds as specified by work order.

• Keep work area clean, neat, and orderly

• Consider pallet weight and stacking methods to maintain safe capacity.

• Miscellaneous duties as assigned to help Prescott achieve its goals.

In Process Inspection Requirements:

• Verify material type and material thickness

• Check for any material defects or damage

• Verify finish

• Verify orientation on every structural member

• Verify all outside dimensions after tack-up

• Verify all lead in dimensions of cutouts and holes after tack-up

• Verify quantity

• Verify all tapped holes are free of debris

• Verify weld splatter is removed as required

Minimum Qualifications/Technical Knowledge Required:

• Ability to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form.

• Interpret Job Travelers (work orders)

• Understand cut lists and (BOM) Bill of Materials

• Basic understanding of metallurgy for material used

• Identify material types and gauges

• Read job specifications to determine machine adjustments

• Read Tape Measure, Dial Caliper, Versa Gauge and other related measuring devices.

• Convert decimals and fractions, related to what shows on the Job Traveler/blueprints.

• Proficiently interpret mechanical drawings

• Able to understand material shrinkage and expansion with the use of heat.

• Certified on the battery-operated pallet jack

• Certified on the over-head Crane

• Certified on welding equipment

Physical Demands/ Work Conditions:

• The Fabricator will be standing for 8-10 hours per day, walking, stooping, and reaching, as well as frequently lifting manually and/or moving material up to 50 pounds.

• Typical manufacturing environment, subject to dust, metal shavings, machinery oil, and powder coating.

Required Personal Protective Equipment:

• Safety Glasses-- Two forms of eye protection when operating grinders

• Leather work boots

• Gloves when handling material and welding

• Welding helmet with approved lens

• Earplugs while machinery is operating