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RN Supervisor

Peace River Center
Lakeland, Florida, United States
February 13, 2019

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RN Nurse Supervisor/Charge Nurse, Lakeland CSU, Full Time, M-F 8-5 pm, $62,000 annually, Graduated from accredited School of Nursing with a Bachelor's Degree with 3 years' experience as an RN working with mental health and with 3 years' of supervisory experience. The Nurse Supervisor/Charge Nurse is responsible for managing, supervising and assisting assigned staff as well as providing administrative support and direct patient care to patients and assistance to the medical staff by management of available resources in accordance with established standards, policies and procedures and the scope of practice established by the State of Florida. Peace River Center is a Drug Free workplace and will require an approved DCF Level 2 background clearance.



JOB TITLE: Nurse Supervisor/Charge Nurse


PROGRAM: Crisis Stabilization Unit

REPORTS TO: CSU Operations Manager

FACILITY: Crisis Stabilization Unit

CITY: Lakeland

JOB STATUS: Full-time

FLSA: Exempt

Job Summary:

The Nurse Supervisor/Charge Nurse is responsible for managing, supervising and assisting assigned staff as well as providing administrative support and direct patient care to patients and assistance to the medical staff by management of available resources in accordance with established standards, policies and procedures and the scope of practice established by the State of Florida. The Nurse Supervisor/Charge Nurse provides on-going real-time decision making and leads the inpatient interdisciplinary team in assuring a safe, therapeutic environment which supports clients in the stabilization of crises. This position reports directly to the CSU Operations Manager for administrative issues and to the Peace River Center Director of Nursing for clinical matters. This position supervises the CSU unit staff including, nurses, lead techs, team techs and psych techs.

Essential Functions/Duties/Requirements:

Thorough knowledge of general nursing principles and practices.

Thorough knowledge of developmental and behavioral psychology.

Thorough knowledge of patient assessment and evaluation methods.

Thorough knowledge of patient rights.

Ability to instruct, direct, and evaluate employees.

Ability to coordinate nursing standards, techniques, and practices.

Ability to assess the physical and psychosocial condition of patients.

Ability to develop a therapeutic relationship with patients.

Ability to maintain records, prepare reports, and compose correspondence related to the work.

Ability to respond appropriately in stressful situations while maintaining self-control.

Ability to interact professionally and communicate effectively with employees, patients, patient family members or guardians and outside vendors

Ability to work independently with little supervision and perform quality work within deadlines.

Ability to arrive to work and ready to work on time for scheduled shifts.

Ability to report to work with good personal hygiene.

Ability to adhere to company and/or program's dress code standards.

Ability to abide by principles of EEO compliance and a workplace of dignity and respect.

Ability to work cooperatively in a group and/or team setting.

Ability to take guidance and direction from supervisors, while maintaining and promoting an environment of care, safety, compassion and respect for all.

Assess and evaluate all potential admission and/or re-admission for appropriateness and/or need for medical clearance and seek approval by physician per policy. Keep the medical staff informed regarding patient medical and mental health status. Notify the appropriate medical staff of any changes in condition, medical concerns or other patient issues in keeping with Physician's Orders. Document all issues and medical staff orders and ensure medical staff orders are carried out and documented as ordered.

Knowledge of Florida Statute Chapter 394 and Florida Administrative Codes 65E-5 and 65E-12.

Demonstrate understanding of OSHA Standards (Occupational Safety Health Administration) in the workplace and PRC Bio-Medical Waste Plan.

Demonstrate knowledge of medical terminology, psychotropic medications, including common side effects in the work environment.

Demonstrate effective verbal intervention, ACT, and seclusion/restraint procedures.

Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

Demonstrate the ability to prioritize workload and multi-tasking when needed.

Strong leadership ability and able to work effectively as a team contributor on all assignments.

Work independently under the requirements of the Nurse Practitioners Act and PRC Policies and Procedures, while understanding the necessity for communicating and coordinating work efforts with other employees and organizations.

General Responsibilities:

Develop and/or approve staffing schedules developed by the Program Assistant to ensure staffing at sufficient levels to provide a safe environment for the needs of clients.

Actively participate in recruiting, interviewing, training, hiring and terminating inpatient interdisciplinary team members in consultation with the CSU Operations Manager.

Coordinate services and patient schedules with assigned medical staff (physicians and advanced registered nurse practitioners) to help coordinate care.

Provide and/or coordinate on-the-job training and professional enhancement training for new and current team members. Be a role model regarding professionalism, teamwork and patient advocacy.

Provide and review patient record documentation for medical necessity and appropriateness of care, timely completion of assessments and compliance with treatment protocols, nursing standards, and licensure and accreditation requirements.

Provide regular supervision of the care coordination team members for performance appraisal and training/development needs. Coordinates activities by scheduling work assignments, setting priorities, and directing the work of subordinate employees.

Assess and evaluate clients' mental and physical status at admission and throughout the stay.

Update patient medical records with services provided, health condition and response to treatments.

Assist in review/revision of policy and procedures regarding CSU operations and care of clients and informing staff of any changes to patient care protocol.

Participate in, provide and/or lead morning report with medical staff providers, offering observations and input as part of the multi-disciplinary treatment team.

Communicate status of patients to incoming personnel at change of shift according to established procedures; communicates with physicians; transcribes, clarifies and implements physicians' orders.

Complete payroll for assigned team.

Provide on-call supervision for CSU/SRT as scheduled.

Address patient complaints in a timely fashion to ensure patient satisfaction.

Respond to emergencies; assesses the condition of the patient; decides on the type of medical attention required; calls appropriate emergency services if needed; notifies family, as appropriate, if the patient is transferred or admitted to a hospital; notifies the physician when a change in condition occurs.

Assist in providing a safe environment for staff and patients.

Participate in facilitating a coordinated team approach in Unit operations.

Perform and/or supervise essential nursing duties such as vital signs and BMI and conduct nursing assessments on CSU clients.

Perform and/or supervise accurate administration of medication and treatment as ordered by Medical Staff per Physician's orders.

Perform and/or Supervise CLIA waived testing and venipuncture as ordered by Medical Staff.

Assist in maintaining an accurate medication administration system.

Facilitate eligible patients in obtaining medication through the Patient Assistance Program (PAP).

Exercise good time management and organizational skills.


Education: Graduated from an accredited School of Nursing with a Bachelor's Degree.

Required experience: Requires a minimum of one to three years' experience as a Registered Nurse. Minimum of three years' experience working in mental health with at least three years of supervisory experience.

Certifications: Valid Florida Registered Nurse License; current and in good standing.


Complete all PRC required training, including all Netsmart trainings.

Complete and maintain all Nursing contact hours required for license renewal.

Attend all PRC clinical and administrative functions deemed appropriate by supervisor.

Must complete the following:

On-line Baker Act (Florida Statute on involuntary commitment)

Aggression Control Technique (ACT) training

Security Awareness Training

First Aid


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Computer skills - Microsoft Office, CMHC and Internet.

Safety Equipment:

Universal Precautions

Comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Rules and Regulations

Life Safety Equipment (Fire Extinguisher), Oxygen Cylinder, Ambu Bag, Backboard, basic life support equipment.


Must have reliable transportation.

Machines, Tools and Equipment Used:

Computer, multi-line telephone, fax machine, copier

Glucometer, B/P Equipment, Stethoscope, Ambu Bag, Oxygen Cylinder, Backboard, Venipuncture Equipment, Restraints, Breathalyzer, Wheelchair, O2 Cylinder, Phlebotomy Equipment.