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Aircraft Cleaners

Plane Clean Power Washing
San Antonio, Texas, 78216, United States
January 10, 2019


Looking for exterior aircraft cleaners. We currently wash exterior of aircraft near the San Antonio airport. Our work is done primarly at night. The aircraft we wash are required per the maintenance manual to be washed prior to maintenance. That is where we come in. On small to medium planes I run a crew of 6 to 8 people The larger planes we run a crew of 8 to 10 people.

Our office is located in Hondo, Texas however we all meet at the job site

A valid ID or drivers license is required to get on job site.

I send out group text when we have a wash depending how many people we need I take that many on the crew so the faster you respond the more likely you are to be on crew. I try to work with peoples schedules since its on an as needed basis at this time. I am branching out to find more work so we will have more full time positions soon hopefully.

All wet gear and PPE is provided except rubber boots. On the job training is avaliable. There are lifts and ladders involved so iyou will need to be able to handle heights . Its a fast paced work environment.

No experience is necessary, we will provide all training.