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Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
$15.00 p/h DOE
August 14, 2019



7am-3:30pm temp-hire Monday-Friday

Will be standing for long periods at a large table cutting patterns.

Adjust guides and stops to control depths and widths of cuts.

Cut, shape, and trim materials, such as textiles, food, glass, stone, and metal, using knives, scissors, and other hand tools, portable power tools, or bench-mounted tools.

Lower table-mounted cutters such as knife blades, cutting wheels, or saws to cut items to specified sizes.

Mark cutting lines around patterns or templates, or follow layout points, using squares, rules, and straightedges, and chalk, pencils, or scribes.

Position templates or measure materials to locate specified points of cuts or to obtain maximum yields, using rules, scales, or patterns.

Read work orders to determine dimensions, cutting locations, and quantities to cut.

Unroll, lay out, attach, or mount materials or items on cutting tables or machines.

Do not have to be in the textile industry but experience is preferred.

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