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December 05, 2018


广东省最优秀的学校之一 石门中学是佛山地区高考名列第一的学校 是清华大学授予佛山唯一的“清华大学生源中学”称号的学校 石门实验中学隶属于石门教育集团 共有学生3600人 教职员工近300人 国际部的学生100多人 7名外国教师和20多位中国教师主要教授国际部7-9年级的学生 每班25人 课程语言为英语 涉及语音 语调 写作 演讲与辩论 礼仪 音乐 厨艺 经济等内容

There are totally 3600 students in the school, more than 100 students study in the International Department.The international teachers are mainly taught in the International Department where there are 25 students in each class and totally 3 grades. The course language is English, which involves pronunciation, intonation, writing, debit, etiquette, music, cooking, economy, etc.

我们的学校位于广东粤港澳地区腹地的佛山 是李小龙 黄飞鸿的故乡 中国功夫的发源地 享有中华传统文化名城的美誉 乘高铁前往广州20分钟 前往香港48分钟 学校位于佛山南海的科技高新区 周围的国际酒店 星巴克 麦当劳 电影院 大型体育馆 商场超市 购物中心等应有尽有 是一座花园式的城市 学校占地260亩 绿树成荫 被称为森林中的学校

Our school is located in Foshan, the hinterland of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Region. Foshan is the cradle of Chinese Kongfu and the hometown of LI Xiaolong and HUANG Feihong, hereby is the city famous by the Chinese traditional culture. It takes 20 minutes to Guangzhou and 48 minutes to Hong Kong by high-speed train. It lies to the high tech zone of Nanhai, Foshan. There are international hotels, Starbucks, McDonald's, cinemas, large gymnasiums, supermarket, shopping centers, etc. around the school. It is such a garden city, which covers an area of 260 Mu with a dense growth of evergreen trees. It's one of the best schools in the city.

学校对国际教师非常友好 我们的教学总监2015年来自英国一所私立学校 有着非常丰富的教学经验 当你来到学校他会对你进行细心的指导 你可以免费住在学校为你精心准备的单人间宿舍套房里 2-3人共用卫生间和厨房和客厅 每学期我们都会多次组织国际教师参加各种社会社交活动 你将来到一个充满大家庭温暖的学校

We have a very friendly teacher team. The Education director2015 of our school comes from a private school in British, he owns rich experience in teaching Chinese students. When you come to school, he will give you a detailed teaching training. Regarding to the accommodation, you will live in a single room in a flat which was decorated warmly. You will have the other 1 or 2 more international teachers to live together, and share the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Moreover, we will organize international teachers to participate in various social activities in every semester, we will let you feel that we are a warm family. You will love it!

职位一 教学总监Education Director salary from 22k+free apt

职责 Responsibilities:

l 认真执行我校国际教育战略规划 按计划部署教学和相关工作

Faithfully implement the strategic deployment of OIEC, organize the teaching plan and related work as request.

l 对国际教师的工作设立目标并提出具体要求

Set goals and put forward specific requirements for international teachers.

l 按照国际课程的设置和教材选定来培训教师 负责对国际教师的业务培训 教学质量的控制与指导

Training teachers according to the international curriculum and materials, responsible for international teachers’ training, control and guidance of teaching quality.

l 负责国际教学教材的采集 汇总及内部编辑出版

Responsible for the compile and organize the textbook of OIEC, publishing with OIEC

l 负责外教招聘面试与教学管理

Responsible for the international teachers’ recruitment and teaching management.

l 配合中方进行招生策划与推广

Follow the enrollment planning and promotion work required by OIEC.

l 每学期结束前4周向上级递交学期的总结和新学期教师培训计划

Submit semester summary and teacher training plan for new semester 4 weeks before the end of each semester.

l 严格根据学校每次月考 期中 期末考 组织国际教师对每位学生进行评估与书面评价 形成学生成绩报告

Organize teachers to make analysis and written evaluation for each student after every month test, middle-term test and final test.

l 按照学校教师手册细则开展管理工作

Please operate your management work according to The Teacher’s Handbook.

职位二 英语外教

Job Description

Nationaality Native speakers or non native speakers with great accent

BA degree or above

22-40 years old, prefer the one with talent in arts

Working hours 20hours a week,a nd free in weekend

Students age 12-15years old kids in middle school

Office hours 上午9:00-12:00am 下午 15:00-17:30pm


11-22k after tax

6000rmb ticekt allowance after 1 year contract, 50% working visa support +accdient insurance +2000 bunus

Free house, with shared washing MC and kitchen


Bachelor's Degree or higher

TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate

Native English speaker who holds a passport from South African Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK or the US.

At least two years teaching experience.


First Interview: Online Answering question

How to apply:

Please reply us with your resume (with mobile number and email address) / photo / passport / visa / degree/ TESOL or TEFL certificate .

Contact person: Julie Sun

Cell: 0086 18366494170


Wechat; 18063581086

Skype: teslteachersrecruiting

QQ: 1956134891.