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family teacher.

Talisay, Cebu, Philippines
December 05, 2018


High salary, family teacher. We are from a family in China. There is a boy in fifth grade and ten years old. We are currently in Cebu in the Philippines. We need a primary school teacher who has more than five years of primary school teaching experience. Ability to teach English or Mathematics. Teaching is earnest and patient, preferably for women, like to talk. There are regular textbooks, teaching plans and teaching plans. We will pay 1000 pesos a day (7 hours) and 500 pesos a half day (3.5 hours). We hope to have at least five and a half days of teaching a week, and Saturdays and Sundays will do the same. It is better to teach for a long period of more than one year. Our telephone number is 09776874958. We can also send text messages to us. The e-mail address is