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Intern Project Coordinator

Cornerstone Enrichment Pte Ltd Singapore
Singapore, North Region, Singapore
December 04, 2018


We are in the business of empowering our students and youth to be useful,

successful and caring individuals. We work with students and youth and equip

them with essential life-skills and 21 st century skills to tackle challenges in the

future world.

We are looking for someone with an unbridled passion for building and

expanding the business, and for someone with the vision and resilience in

changing the education landscape through application of future technologies.

We want someone who is willing to work very hard to achieve set goals.

Interns can look forward to join the team in a permanent position as we are

expanding the business rapidly. If you can convince us you are that someone

who fits the requirement, we want you!

Job Scope

The Personnel shall perform the following job roles:

1) Project Management:


o Attending initial meeting with respective HQ team & various


o Selection of training team

o Sourcing for required materials for the project

o Setting up Train-the-Trainer (when needed)

o Logistic arrangement

Actual day

o Be present at the project venue to facilitate movement/flow

o Ensuring the equipment is in working condition

o Ensure training team adhere to school regulation

o Liaison between the training team and the clientele


o Prepare closing report to be sent to client

o Verify training team timecard submission

o Review Trainer Progress Report, highlight issues to HQ PM

2) Additional Duties:

Constant update of project management system

Adhoc task arises due to project specification


The Personnel shall minimally have the following qualifications, values, skills

and experience:

Excellent social skills and essential life-skills for work

Independent thinking and work ability

Preferably a recognized NITEC or higher qualification

Prior work experience is not a critical factor