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Senior International Curriculum Developer

Shanghai Mota Education
Shanghai, China
18k-25k RMB/M
December 03, 2018


Shanghai/ Senior International Curriculum Developer in Mota Education needs one native/non native ASAP

Job Overview:

Founded in 2017, Mota Education is a Shanghai-based EduTech start up that aims to deliver quality, localized international primary and secondary school contents using technology-driven solutions; fostering “whole person education” among Chinese students. The company is funded by top-tier Venture Capital investors in the industry. This position reports directly to the CEO and COO of the company and will oversee the research & development of the Mota Education Curriculum.


Native Proficiency in English;

Proficiency in Chinese is highly preferred.

Holding a master’s or bachelor’s degree

High level of familiarity with IB PYP curriculum; or familiarity with CCSS, UOI, IPC, NGSS standards with 3+ years’ experience in curriculum development.

Having 3+ years of experience in teaching at a reputable International School’s primary school with international students.

Key Responsibilities:

Setting up course superstructures for each level.

Creating course outlines, scaffolds, and determining themes and motifs.

Researching for the most up-to-date course materials and adapting them for the Mota curriculum

Creating PBL (Project Based Learning) modules using inquiry-based learning and crosscutting approaches.

Overseeing the writing of lesson scripts and revising the contents.

Helping to create PowerPoints teaching materials for all courses.

Assisting the Production Team to produce lesson recordings and conduct quality assurance during post-production.

Compensation 18k-25k/M+Commission

How to Apply

Please send the following or add my Wechat: chendannijoboffer


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Preference for teaching locations (if any)

There are no costs for the entire recruitment process.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.