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Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Machine Learning & Coding

Hoboken, New Jersey, United States
December 10, 2018

Posted By Premium Recruiter



• Strong interest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and sub-areas (natural language processing, ChatBots)

• Highly excited about cutting edge technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain etc.

• Keeping an eye on latest trends in technologies

• Capable of quickly becoming familiar with new approaches to AI and computational comprehension

• Capable of adopting any library, framework, tool with minimal training, guidance

• Build Proof of Concepts and transform those into Enterprise Software Solutions

• Collaborate, build, and iteratively improve PoCs to make production ready solutions

• Work with Cloud Computing Environments

• Develop REST/JSON API’s

• Develop software and system architecture while ensuring alignment with enterprise technology standards

• Design code for high scalability/availability/resiliency

• Passionate about hands-on coding, testing, releasing, monitoring, and supporting working software in production

• Capable of developing software using test driven development concepts

• Establish and follow continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment pipelines and practices


5+ years of development experience in 2 or more of the following:

• AI, ML, Deep Learning and Data Science

• Machine learning algorithm development

• IoT and Blockchain

• Writing clean and effective code in Java, Python, R, Shell, JavaScript etc.

• Machine learning software packages such as MLlib, scikit-learn, H2O, Torch, Tensor Flow, Theano, Caffe

• Python based data analytics tools such as parallel python packages, Pandas, Numpy, SciPy, scikit-learn, and Matplotlib

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