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Catering Coordinator

Gecko Hospitality
Charlottesville, VA
May 28, 2020


Catering Coordinator

Casual Theme

We are looking for a Catering Coordinator in Charlottesville, Virginia who won’t see this career opportunity as just a job, but as a way of life!

This is an exciting and vibrant restaurant, heavy catering, sandwich and lunch business.

We believe you can taste the difference when simple, high-quality ingredients are used. We are committed to other quality ingredients as well. We are passionate about serving awesome food...great tasting, high quality ingredients made just right with the highest standards in food safety. If you’re searching for a career with the best in the industry, don’t miss this opportunity in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Title of Position: Catering Coordinator

Job Description: The Catering Coordinator will manage and organize backline business while monitoring shop trends with a focus on People, Customers, Sales and Profit. When not focused on Backline Coordinator responsibilities, he or she may also be assigned to other Associate duties within the shop. The Catering Coordinator will also supervise all in store backline operations, ensure all backline orders are complete, assign and deploy delivery drivers to each order and act as a mentor for all associates training on backline operations. The Catering Coordinator must ensure that all catering information is displayed and stocked in the restaurant at all times and manage capacity for backline based on staffing while maintaining food quality standards and order accuracy. The Catering Coordinator must grow sales through complete and correct orders along with on time deliveries and set targets to improve sales.


• Excellent Compensation

• Growth Opportunities available

• Benefits to be determined by the employer


• Must have experience as a Catering Coordinator or similar

• The Catering Coordinator must have experience in sales

• The Catering Coordinator must have strong multi-tasking skills

• The Catering Coordinator must be able to lead a team to successful business

• The Catering Coordinator must be certified to train on backline operations

Apply Now- Catering Operations Manager in Charlottesville, Virginia

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