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Carpet Installers Professional

Local Co.
Birmingham, Alabama, United States
$1,200.00 Cash Weekly
November 08, 2018


Understands the process of Commercial Installing

Desired Results: Hollywood Looks

Desired Results: Taj Ma Hall type looking finish.

No bad cuts, stretched and and well kicked and tucked.

Must know how to measure well.

Must be a PROVEN Installer with references.

REQUIRED: Pickup Truck, Mini Van, Cargo Van or S.U.V.

REQUIRED: Carpet Installer Tools

AVAILABLE: 100 to 200 yards daily.

DAYS: Monday - Friday

SHIFT: 7am until your Jobs/Installs are complete.

PAY DAY: Every Friday at 4pm for the previous week

Frequency; Weekly

Email: Name, Number and total years of experience.