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Sales And Marketing Manager

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
November 11, 2018



Marketing and Sales Department

Name of direct official:

Executive manager


Supervisors, sales representatives, distributors and their assistants.

Job Summary:

The incumbent is responsible for preparing and developing marketing and sales plans and raising the market share of the company in the target markets. He is also responsible for training and qualifying the sales and marketing teams in the company.

Job functions:

1. Develop and plan sales and marketing policies in cooperation with senior management.

2. Setting goals and objectives of selling and developing strategies that achieve these objectives.

3. Establishing a database of markets, competitors, geographical areas and their distribution.

4. Develop promotion plans, advertising and sales presentations in coordination with senior management.

5. Conduct marketing research and study the market share of the company and the competitors.

6. Increase market share by increasing sales volume.

7. Constant search for new customers and communicate with them and maintain strong relationships with them.

8. Participate in negotiations with agents and distributors.

9. Participate in the selection and training of sales men and identify their needs.

10. Identify sales areas to benefit from the largest number of customers.

11. Follow-up and evaluation of sales men's performance and improve their skills.

12. Follow-up after-sales service and continuous communication with customers and respond to complaints.

13. Follow-up of competitors and their strategies.

14. Provide detailed periodic reports on the achievements and marketing problems and failures of senior management.

Other Responsibilities:

1. Any other tasks required of him within the scope of his specialty.

Occupancy Requirements:

1. Educational Qualifications:

The minimum qualification for a Bachelor's degree is the Master's Master's degree Required Specialization Marketing or Business


2. Practical experience: Experience of at least 5 years in the same field.

3. Professional abilities and skills:

1. High capabilities in developing and drawing up marketing and sales plans and policies.

2. High skills in preparing research and marketing studies.

3. High skills in communication, negotiation and problem solving.

4. Personal abilities and skills:

1. Ability to withstand work pressure.

2. Personal strength.

3. Excellent knowledge of competitors.