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Industrial Powder Coating Painters

Ryzen Solutions
Fremont, California, United States
November 27, 2018


Title: Industrial Powder Coating Painters

Location: Fremont, CA

Duration: FULL TIME

"Painters must have experience on industrial powder coating metal machine."

Nature of Duties/Responsibilities:

-Prepares, primes, sands, and paints surfaces, and utilizing

All types of painting materials such as powder, epoxy, and water base paints

Tapes, and repairs and applies texturing, surfaces.

-Adjusts colors when necessary; utilizes enhanced finishing skills when appropriate.

-Operates, cleans and maintains all painting equipment, including sprayers and electrostatic powder coat Sprayers, safely stores and labels all materials.

-Estimates time and materials required; keeps records and submits reports of work performed.

-Reads and understands blueprints.