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FT School Bus Driver

New Canaan, Connecticut, United States
November 08, 2018


The Job

Mustard is reinventing school transportation and wants you to come along for the ride! We are hiring full-time “bus” drivers to help us change school bus transportation for the better. Using our proprietary routing and communications technologies, you will be responsible for transporting students within designated areas while providing a warm, friendly environment, ensuring the well-being of students and complying with safety regulations, traffic laws, and rules. You will not be required to drive a traditional school bus. Instead, our fleet of “buses” are the more easily managed passenger vans.


Transport students to and from schools and on other authorized trips along assigned, but variable routes within the designated schedule.

Ensure the safety of students on the “bus” and while getting on and off.

Maintain order among students while riding the school “bus” and report cases of misbehavior to school and staff officials through proper procedures.

Keep Mustard informed of possible route delays and incidents.

Inspect “bus” daily before driving-- check gas, oil, water, breaks, tires, and all lights.

Keep the “bus” clean and presentable to the public. Immediately report the need for additional vehicle detailing/deep clean when necessary.

Utilize Mustard technology for routing guidance and provide regular feedback.

Re-fuel as needed.

Check “bus” after student drop off for property left behind, report and turn in as per procedures.

Conduct a post trip inspection after each shift checking for damage, and mechanical issues. Report all issues accordingly to management.

Complete periodic mileage and other reporting as needed.

Attend various training courses regarding safety, student management, and first aid as required.

Uphold a high level of professionalism while representing the Mustard brand in our local communities.

Maintain an impeccable & groomed appearance. Wear prescribed Mustard apparel & closed toe shoes.

Experience & Skills

Knowledge of basic first aid practices, procedures, and techniques.

Knowledge of safe driving practices.

Establish and maintain proper student conduct on a school vehicle.

Able to exercise good judgment and extreme caution while driving.

Drive a school bus or other vehicle safely and efficiently.

Use an appropriate tone of voice and vocabulary when speaking to students.

Immediately report all incidents/collisions to management.

Maintain valid certification(s) as school bus driver according to state regulations.

Effectively use oral and written communication in performing duties and responsibilities.

Establish and maintain effective work relationship with those contacted in the performance of required duties, including parents and school administration officials. Report any adverse contact to Mustard.

Required Qualifications

A valid Connecticut Driver's License.

A valid Class C CDL license with P & S endorsements.

At least 2 years of prior experience driving a school bus.

A clean and safe driving record.

Must be permissible to pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing.

Meet the physical requirements necessary to safely & effectively perform required duties.

About You

Prior experience working with youth and a genuine commitment to education & well-being of students.

Positive, friendly, approachable, and outgoing personality.

Easily builds a rapport with school-age students.

Professional, reliable and dependable demeanor.

Team player and supportive to management, school staff, and parents.

Excellent verbal communication skills.

Must be computer savvy, proficient with mobile app technology and in troubleshooting with computer hardware.

Benefits & Salary

Full-time position based in Fairfield County, CT.

Starting at ~$22-25 per hour with a 30-hour guarantee.

End of term bonus (based on attendance, safety, and performance).

Ongoing training and support.

Access and input to new technologies.