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Depot Coordinator/Manager

Tropo Farms
November 07, 2018


he depot coordinator is responsible for the operations of the depot, maintaining product quality & freshness and improving customer satisfaction.

The role requires incumbent to be able to start work as early as 4.30am

Lead the team to work towards Company visions and objectives, and implement activities that enables the achievement of agreed objectives.

Build the capacity and competencies of various teams members to align towards performance standards, protocols and standards

Lead the delivery of outstanding customer service at the Depot through fair and equitable treatment of customers to ensure that the Company is promoted.

Monitor and evaluate the quality of customer service and implements continuous improvement programs to improve customer experience.

Able to handle questions, request and aggression by customers on a professional ground.

Manages stock availability and security through appropriate stock control procedures and effective administration of orders, receiving stock, sales and stock management throughout the product life cycle.