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Trainee security Manager

Tropo Farms
Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
November 07, 2018


Developing and implementing security policies, protocols and procedures or the entire Company. Responsibilities include controlling budgets for security operations and monitoring expenses, recruitment, training and supervision security officers and guards

Working with the Risks Consultant, develop and implement security policies, protocols and procedures

Control budgets for security operations and monitor expenses

Recruit, train and supervise security officers and guards

Attend meetings with other managers to determine operational needs

Plan and coordinate security operations for specific events

Coordinate staff when responding to emergencies and alarms

Review reports on incidents and breaches

Investigate and resolve issues

Create reports for management on security status

Ensure all escalation procedures are followed

Inspect posting and ensure security personnel are onsite

Analyze data to form proposals for improvements (e.g. implementation of new technology)

In addition to the above responsibilities, you will carry out such other duties as the Company reasonably directs from time to time.