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Customer Service Representative at Mozio

Remote, Oregon, United States
600 USD a month
November 06, 2018


Hey everyone!. I'm working at a US company called Mozio (www. mozio .com), which is basically a Ground transportation Company. We work with several other companies such as eDreams, Despegar, Amoma, American Express Global Business Travel, etc. We have an opening for a Customer Support role. The job is remote, full time, with salary in USD. You need to speak clear English. If you're interested please send your resume to cs-recruiting @

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The Product: You land in London and Mozio sends you a push notification to book the Heathrow Express train. Later that day you use Mozio to book an on-demand sedan, tap onto the London Tube, and make a reservation for a minicab to pick you up the next morning. When you land in Munich, Mozio sends you a push notification for the Lufthansa Airport Bus to the city center, at which point you purchase a ticket on the U-bahn or S-bahn, also through Mozio, to get you to your hotel. 3 days later in Dallas you purchase a DART ticket to take public transit back to your home in Dallas. All of those examples of transportation, from shuttles, taxis, limos and even public transit, currently have some form of digital ticketing. Mozio is tying it all together. Build the transportation app of the future.

The Perks & Culture: - Yearly 10-day group retreats. - Fun, small, flexible team. You need to work from New York for a week? Feel free. You want to work and travel? Go ahead. - Unlimited Vacation Policy: As long as you get your work done, we don't micromanage your time. - We think it's important to invest in the personal development of our employees, and will be flexible with what you want to learn. - We are all friends: when you are going to spend 50+ hours a week with each other it's important that you don't just tolerate your coworkers but actually like them. Mozio was started by two friends, and we want to bring on other people we can be friends with.

The position: Customer Support Specialist at Mozio.

>This is a remote, home-based, full-time position, 5 days a week (during weekdays and/or weekends), 8hr per day+. *Your tasks will include (but will not be limited to) answering incoming calls from people who need to get in touch with us for different reasons (mainly from customers and providers), answering questions through our chat system, replying to emails sent to us. You may be able to participate in special projects as well.*

>We offer an unlimited vacation policy, and a salary of USD 600 per month. You'd be employed as a contractor.