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Grit Blaster & Painter, Steel Metal

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
November 10, 2018


Job-Specific Knowledge & Skills:

Ability to interpret drawings.

Knowledge of marine coating and blasting

Knowledge of quality/control procedures

Ability and willingness to grit blast the eternal, external and confined spaces

Knowledge of using the angle nozzle, high pressure fresh water wash, vacuum blast and hydro blast (all steel surface finishing standards) in both wet & dry blasting.

Willingness to prepare ship hull and tanks for blasting and painting (works involves scraping, of barnacles, de-slugging, degreasing, bunkiring tanks and bilges cleaning)

Knowledge of mixing various paints, pot life and curing time

Ability and knowlegde to idintify the hydroblasating and grits blasting steel surface finishing standards (WJ-1, WJ - 2, WJ - 3) (SA 1.0, SA 2.0, SA 2.5 & SA 3.0)

Skills to use airless spray, conventional, roller and brush to achieving consistency in paint film thickness and good standards finish.

Knowledge to spray painting of silicon and special paint on internal tank (thickness 400 mic. 700 mic.)