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Website Promoter World Wide: Freelancers

Norus BV
United States
November 06, 2018


Become a Website Promoter

Bizz247 has been specifically developed by Norus BV for companies looking for new sales channels. The site mediates between supply and demand in the Netherlands and worldwide. The advertisements (pitches) are displayed in 5 languages. We have just started and are looking for people who can enthuse the business community about the website.


The current market is characterized by a single similar provider. The market is large, very large. Think of all national and international trade fairs, where companies introduce and try to sell their services and products. Only participation in an exhibition costs thousands if not tens of thousands of euros. By using bizz247 providers and potential customers will find each other quickly and cheaply.

-How big is the market?

There are thousands of companies only in the Netherlands and everyone wants to sell their products or services. And entrepreneurs are always looking for new sales channels.

-Has bizz247 is likely to succeed?

Yes, given the size of the market, we know for sure.

-Why are we sure of this?

We have been familiar with national and international trade for more than 25 years. There is an existing concept on the market that sells thousands of ads per year, but is aging, has no competitors. So space is certain.

You sell nothing. There are no obligations. Not for you and not for the company.

You inform companies through the channels you know and give them a code with which they can register. You will see the code on the screen as soon as you have logged in. There are no obligations.

You do need to have a PayPal account on which we can book your turnover on a monthly basis.

The method is as follows:

-Register yourself;

-Click on the button: Become a Promoter;

-Notate your Promoter code;

-Necessary companies via the button: Invite your relations via mail;

With the button: You can see your turnover converted.

How is turnover realized?

The first 20 customers who place an advertisement get this free for 3 months.

The following customers pay per ad of 3 months they pay: ad € 129.- p / month = € 387.-

The customer chooses for a period of 6 months they pay: ad € 99.- p / month = € 594.-

The customer chooses for a period of 12 months they pay: ad € 79.- p / month = € 948.-

Customers can also opt for the paid placement of a banner of € 35.-

Or they choose to be verified and pay € 25.-

You receive up to 100 customers 8% of the turnover.

Up to 200 customers 11%.

From 500 customers 15%.

A calculation example for clarification:

20 customers places 1 ad duration 3 months = € 7740.-

5 customers also place a banner = € 175.-

5 customers want to be verified = € 125.-

Total turnover: 8040.- x 8% = € 643.20

At 11% your turnover is € 844.40

At 15% your turnover is: € 1206.-

What we ask is that you have good access to companies or can easily realize this.

You use your own PC wherever and whenever you want.

View the bizz247 website and register yourself. Then you can see what we have to offer.