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Merchandising Assistant/ Assistant Editor

Capitol, Wisconsin, 53703, United States
November 14, 2018


Services to be performed:

•Activating new and reorder items in our system (70%).

•Merchandising product assortments and brand pages on the website by assorting product based on best visual appearance and rough guidelines (roughly 20%).

•Various other merchandising activities as they arise (10%).

Required skills:

•All work is done on a computer, savvy computer skills.

•Fashion and Apparel IQ.

•Attention to detail.

Preferred skills:

•This person will be reviewing new products and determining where to categorize the products on the site, so they need to have an interest in learning seasonal trends and product details.

•Passion in product and seasonal trends is required, as the person needs the ability to correctly classify and identify when trends and distinguishing attributes are present to determine how to classify.

•This is based on judgement calls, not just reviewing product details.