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Expedition Leader

San Francisco, California, United States
November 05, 2018


FoundLost Scientific Expedition Leader

Company Description

FoundLost is a place where anyone can join hands-on scientific expeditions in the most remote places in the world. We believe in discovery of oneself and the world through a goal-oriented expedition with an incredible group of people from around the planet.

We have recently completed an expedition to Altai mountains. The group has carried out the process of collecting samples and recording their findings at Potanin glacier, that led to the discovery of cryoconites along with a report with the most recent changes in the landscape due to global warming.

Our team helps scientists to create, operate and market their expeditions through our broad network of local operators, participants and research institutions.

We strive to bring the best experience to both expedition leaders and participants at any stage of interaction. Feel free to email us with any questions at

About the Job

You will work as an independent expedition leader, pursuing research in the fields to go to a remote location in areas of Ecology, Conservation, Geology or any other area where you require a team to go to remote location to perform actions that help with your research.

We will assist you with any local support you might require along with finding and communicating with potential participants.

Your responsibilities

Develop new expeditions in remote locations worldwide

An in-depth working knowledge of risk and safety management

Wilderness Medic qualifications (we although can help a medical support person)

Professional qualifications in areas of your expertise,

Write Risk Assessments

Have a history of proven expedition leadership experience in challenging situations

Lead adult or teen groups

Be responsible for all aspects of leadership and management on remote expeditions such as(you will always have our team in contact with you at any point of the expedition for support) :

Liaising, employing and managing local staff/contractors.

Organising and coordinating all administration.

Control of expedition budget.

Liaising with local institutions (NGO’s, Government Agencies).

Leadership and management of expedition team.

Risk assessment and safety management.

Contingency, incident and emergency management.

Responsible for all decisions made during the expedition.

Production of post-expedition reports (PXRs) and accounts.

What we help you with

Research, plan and write expedition plans

Plan budgets

Develop and maintain relationships with in country contacts

Liaise with local officials, NGOs, companies

Finding, onboarding and supporting participants

Any on-expedition emergencies or general help and support.

Creating marketing and promotional materials, before and after the expedition to help bring awareness to the cause of your expedition.


FoundLost does not employ expedition leaders as we aim to give you as much freedom to use our services when you want to. All compensations are on per expedition basis.