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Inventory Metal Specialist - RT

Absolute Opportunities
Lafayette, Indiana, United States
November 14, 2018


Inventory Metal Specialist - RT

Lafayette, Indiana

The role of this position is to proactively lead and own and manage all inventory of metal into, within and out of the facility. Reporting to the Supply Chain, this person will lead efforts to ensure accuracy and optimize metal inventory inside the Lafayette facility and between facilities.

The position will monitor inventory levels of Prime and alloying materials and be responsible for the ordering of these materials. Person will work with suppliers to coordinate deliveries and ensure a closed loop of procure to pay.

Identify and lead efforts to sell excess and/or obsolete inventory.

Actively work throughout the plant to increase scrap utilization for each cast by ensuring material flow is in sync with casting schedules as set by the Planner.

Ensure accurate receipts/issues of material into and out of the factory. Perform inventory adjustments as necessary and lead the efforts to cycle count material to ensure accuracy. Own the Molten adjustments and drive accurate consumption through BOM and manual reporting of usage.

Preparing formal reports, forecasts and analysis of statistical data for department planning, performance against metrics and goals and management information needs.

Experience working and partnering with union personnel.

Employee must operate safely and adhere to values.

Relocation Assistance Available - Possible for ideal candidate



Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: (Submission Summary)

1. Bachelors of Science from an accredited institution

2. Minimum of 2 years’ work experience in an industrial environment

3. Degree in Supply Chain, Engineering, Business or Mathematics

4. Experience with Inventory management preferred.

5. Salary Expectation?

6. Must be a US Citizen or Green Card holder?

7. Complete Current Address