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Clinic Endodontics MDS Must good Knowledge related to the

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Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India
December 06, 2018


Clinic Looking Endodontics MDS Must Very good Knowledge related to the type and severity


Endodontics work includes:Pulp necrosis is a common complication following traumatic dental injuries and is related to the type and severity of the injury, as well as to the stage of development of the injured tooth. Endodontic intervention is required when there are clinical and radiographic signs of pulpal infection and its sequelae. Arrested tooth development with periradicular pathosis, external inflammatory root resorption, sinus tract formation and pain on percussion are indicative of root-canal infection in the post-traumatized teeth, and require immediate endodontic treatment. The use of calcium hydroxide in the treatment of teeth with post-traumatic pulp necrosis and its sequelae has been shown to be extremely beneficial for the long-term retention of the injured teeth. Calcium hydroxide has been shown to arrest and repair external inflammatory root resorptive defects, eliminate the endodontopathic microorganisms from the root canal system and induce hard-tissue barrier formation at the apex of non-vital immature teeth. This paper reviews the endodontic treatment required by post-traumatic non-vital permanent teeth.

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