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Vice President of Engineering / (RF) / 5G

Mica Energies Corporation
Orange County, California, United States
November 08, 2018

Posted By Premium Recruiter


Master’s and or PhD in Physics/Computer Science/Management Information Systems, Electrical and Electronics Engineering or Telecommunications with Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering or Telecommunications

ALL candidates selected for interviewing MUST sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – being a self-motivated team player essential.

A startup company with a novel technically-disruptive idea.

Mica Energies Corporation believes in GENDER DIVERSITY.

Candidate will validate the technology and assist with integrating into / presenting proposals for Venture Capitalists or other funding sources.

No compensation available until receipt of funding.

Company pursuing a sizable percentage of the 2022 estimated $37B RF Harvesting market.

A “typical” engineer is not who we are seeking.

Ask yourself if “disenfranchised” describes your job status.

Many companies lure and hire tech staff with vague evasive promises of technology development / advancement and reward, only to frustrate these technologists and sentence them to boring mediocre obscurity.

Un-appreciative of and discouraged by these grand promises, what action do most companies take against the technologists?

Usually terminations, “layoffs” (especially of the older workforce) become viable solutions, promoting hiring of younger lesser paid and “grateful” workers who pose little challenge to the few “at the top” personnel - those who are so stale that molded-bread appears a gourmet treat.

We are looking for someone hungry to become a disruptive technology pioneer.

Is that person YOU?

If selected, be prepared to be an innovative technology leader that your former company was too envious to allow.

Candidate must be a master of complicated high-tech testing instruments and

powerful simulation tools. Person will specify, simulate, design, implement, test,

integrate and/or maintain RF sub-systems used by mobile phones, base stations and microwave

radios. He/she must know system architecture / specifications as well as available

components, semiconductor technologies, master RF design methods and simulation tools,

layout rules and tools as well as testing techniques and instruments.


• Participation/monitoring in system/architecture specification to understand

how the system operates and how the RF's own sub-system (signal input/output)

relates to the entire system.

• Sub-system specification to translate the requirements derived from upper

level (system specification) into more detailed technical specifications of how the subsystem

should function internally to create the required responses (outputs) to certain

input signals.

• Integrating RF sub-systems into the complete system.

• Material/component selection to ensure that the most suitable (technologically

advanced, reliable, compatible and possibly low cost) components are used. Also

component sourcing must be considered.

• Simulation of designs with the help of computer models before building physical


• Sub-system circuit design: this is often in parallel with the simulation.

• Ensuring that reliability requirements are met in the design: these include E.M.C

(electromagnetic compatibility), safety, manufacturability and thermal design aspects.

• Layout design: designing the physical layout of the circuit and components on the

printed circuit board or other component base.

• Test specification to define the required test methods, cases and results. This is done

by reflecting the original specifications.

• Unit testing: testing the unit according to the test specifications, finding causes for

possible failures and solving the problems.

• Participation in design reviews to ensure the design work is proceeding according to

agreed upon processes, quality requirements, and delivery schedules.

• Participation in the specification and support of engineering processes and tools.

• Cross-platform telecom systems skills.

• Deep understanding of relevant metrics and analytics for telecom networks.

Minimum Requirements but not mandatory:

• + years of wireless telecommunications and RF engineering design and deployment experience, ideally with UMTS and LTE technologies

• + years of DAS or Small Cell Systems design, integration, and optimization experience

• Solid understanding of (through coursework and/or experience) current wireless technologies, e.g. UMTS and LTE, including link budgets, relevant switch parameters, time delay considerations, and KPIs

• Understanding of RF propagation and tools. At least + years of experience performing desktop designs, preferably for indoor networks and + years of experience using iBwave propagation tool

• Ability to compare assorted product technical specifications and determine most cost-effective solution for the location

• Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to communicate information and ideas clearly and concisely, in writing and verbally.

• Ability to investigate and solve complex problems and implement related work improvements with cross functional team members.

• Proven ability to manage and prioritize assigned tasks to meet deadlines while also highlighting risks and implementing contingency plans.

• Ability to learn innovative technologies and hardware quickly

• Ability to read and interpret architectural drawings

• Ability to use basic office applications: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Visio, Outlook/Email

• Flexible to work long hours including weekends and be ready to fly to the client’s location on a very short notice.

Desired Skills Would Be Nice:

• Knowledge and experience with DAS vendors, e.g. CommScope, TE Connectivity, Corning Mobile Access, SOLiD, TEKO

• Knowledge and experience with data collection tools, e.g. TEMs Investigation

• Knowledge and experience with Small Cell vendors, e.g. Ericsson, Nokia, SpiderCloud, ip. access

• Experience working with major third-party DAS providers, e.g. American Tower, Crown Castle, Mobilitie, ExteNet

• Experience developing training materials for RF Engineers

Behavioral Skills:

• Analytical • Creative

• Teamwork • Communication

• Problem Solving • Flexibility and Self Learning

• Efficiency & Quality • Business Acumen - Business Awareness

Technical Skills Negotiable:

• Technology, Component, Material Knowledge and Thermal Design

• Testing and Reliability Engineering

• RFI.C. Design Tools

• Radio Frequency Theory Circuit Design and Methods

• Electronics Theory and Know-How (analogue/digital)

• RFIC, ASIC Design, SoC, Antenna Design

• D.S.P. (Digital Signal Processing)

Responsibilities Negotiable:

• Fully proficient in set-up, calibration, utilization, and data processing of various design and optimization equipment and software (HP, Grayson, Comarco, TEMS)

• Perform site candidate evaluation and selection

• Support of leasing/zoning teams

• Comprehensive knowledge of at least two of the common industry propagation tools (Planet, Tornado, Wizard, Odyssey, dB Planner, etc.) for model calibration, drive test data post-processing, map generation, frequency planning and interference matrix analysis, site database maintenance, etc.

• Verify RF related site engineering drawings

• Perform design criteria, system dimensioning, link budget and traffic analysis Perform frequency and BCC planning

• Understand equipment co-location requirements for multiple operators and perform inter-modulation analysis

• Good knowledge of system topology and air interface parameters for at least 3 of GSM/GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, TDMA, iDEN, network technologies

• Understanding of system topology and air interface parameters of at least one of the main 3G technologies (UMTS, 1XRTT/3XRTT, OFDMA, etc.)

• Excellent knowledge of the main equipment vendors like Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung, Apple, LG, Nortel

• Carry out optimization techniques (proper antenna selection for optimal horizontal/vertical performance, mechanical/electrical tilting, appropriate transmit power setting, antenna clearance, neighbor list analysis, etc.) for optimal site/cluster performance

• Generate RF engineering related reports in Excel, Access, SQL as required.

• Assume the RF lead role, manage and co-ordinate activities of the RF team as required.

• Play an active role in recruitment of RF engineering staff and be a mentor to other engineering colleagues as required

• Help to define processes and procedures for RF engineering tasks.

• Communicate RF team budget, milestones and deliverables to project management and implement plans to accomplish the milestones within budget, as required.