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MIESCOR (Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corp.
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
January 01, 2019



Assists in constructing, repairing, and maintaining overhead power lines and drives work as directed; may work independently on dead as well as energized secondary distribution lines and with another lineman and close supervision of crew head, on or near primary lines where extra precautions are to be observed.


Learns basic electricity theory, identifying various lines and substation materials and equipment; trains to climb and install materials and equipment on top of poles.

Provides ground support to higher grade linemen working a top pole in order to ensure continuity of line work; raises and lowers line materials using handlines and pulls ropes attached to snatch blocks; observes fellow linemen working on pole top and reminds them of hazards that they might not foresees; guides public away from work area to prevent work delays and accidents.

Climbs poles and may assist in actual line work, such as splicing of conductors and mounting or replacement of devices, in order to develop skills required of the trade; works on de-energized conductors only under close guidance.

Erects poles and structures for line extensions, re-routing and repair using pole pikes and support with the aid of mechanized truck.

Clears power lines of obstructions, such as trees or tree branches, and hanging objects to prevent accidental grounding or short circuiting.

Tests voltages on secondary lines or transformer banks to ascertain loading and voltage conditions; adjusts transformer taps, as instructed, and locates and removes causes of simple grounds.

May secure prepare and check materials, tools and equipment needed by crew in executing job orders.

Comply with proper operating procedures and regulations on safety and health standards;

Support Environmental Management System with respect to their job;

Adhere to Policies/Procedure, Employee Code of Ethics and Conduct, and Corporate Governance.


A. Education/Knowledge:

College level

B. Skills:

With Lineman Certificate

C. Work Experience:

At least 1 to 3 years of experience in the same related field

External & Internal Contacts

External: Client

Internal: Heads, Supervisors,

E. Working Conditions:

Work area limited to Head Office, Satellite Offices and Project si