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AM- Product Category Manager

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
October 13, 2018


Job Summary:

- The position will have a responsibility of assisting both the product managers in Water Heater & Water Treatment Categories.

- He/She will be responsible for assisting the product manager in development of product specifications, product development & deployment activities.

- He/She should monitor competition activities/offerings on a regular basis and be able to compile and disseminate competitive program.

- The position will be responsible for product marketing support and help the product manager in creating sales tools for supporting sales force.

- He/She will be responsible for creating training materials, fact sheets and product comparison presentations.

- He/She should be willingly to travel regularly for market visits to gauge trends basis discussion with retailers/distributors/end consumers and sales team.

- He/She will be responsible for regular trackers/sales data analysis to indicate trends and high lights.

Responsibilities and Duties:

. Responsible for development of product specifications.

Responsible for study of competitor product offering, as well as trade schemes and recommend something.

Participate in consumer research and have understanding about consumer need gaps.

Be able to travel, meet trade partners and consumers to have an understanding on future category trends and needs.

Assist the product manager in researching for and development of new industrial design (ID).

Responsible for develop product related activities with agency.

Helping the product manager in planning product launch, posts launch review.

Responsible for product support, technical write ups and making training guides & sales tool.

Responsible for interface with brand marketing and sales personnel.

Monitoring/managing information will be responsible for regular trackers/sale data analysis to indicate trends and high lights.

Be able to help the products manager in price comparison and pricing strategy.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications:

Qualifications- Engineering background with a Post graduation in management.

Experience- 4 -5 years

Job Type: Full-time