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Proxy Services Engineer at Scarborough, ON

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
October 12, 2018


I am Suresh from “InfoWays” that is based out of NJ. InfoWays helps major clients in the United States fulfil their technical staffing needs. I came across your resume on dice/monster/Tech and found that your profile is a good match for one of our client’s requirement. I am keen to get in touch with you, if you are interested and ready to relocate for the opportunity.

Requirement details:

Role : Proxy Services Engineer

Location : Scarborough, ON

Duration : Fulltime / Contract

BGV will be done for the selected candidates.

Please respond with your updated word resume and requested details:

Full Name :

Work Authorization:

Contact Number :

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Current location:

Higher Educational details with passed out year & University:

Expected Salary/Annum:

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Feel free to contact me for any further information.

Job Description:


Responsible for the engineering and maintenance of enterprise Forward and Reverse Proxy Solutions

Daily Responsibilities:

Create network diagrams and High Level Diagrams for All Proxy Services Infrastructure.

Designs and maintains the infrastructure of BMO Enterprise Forward Proxy, Akamai Forward Proxy, BMO Enterprise Reverse Proxy, Airwatch Reverse Proxy, Symcor Reverse Proxy, BMO Cloud Proxy (WSS) for mobile devices, Content Analysis systems (Antivirus Appliances), Packet Shaper Appliances, SSL visibility Appliances, CASB Cloud SOC infrastructure, QA/Dev Proxy services Infrastructure and Integration of all Proxy Services Infrastructure with DLP, Security Monitoring (Splunk) and Active Directory.

Performs capacity / performance estimation of All BMO Enterprise Proxy services Infrastructure

Participates in Proxy services road map tracking and provide recommendations as needed.

Reviews the current environment, detect critical deficiencies, and recommend solutions for improvement.

Develops and implements solutions and processes to maintain the reliability, effectiveness, efficiency and security of these infrastructure components across the enterprise and associated process control environments.

Uses technical knowledge in the composition and design of Proxy Infrastructure to specify solutions, verify the solutions that have been implemented, and rapidly adjust designs based on new requirements.

Collaborates closely with GITRM and other global business units to design and deploy Proxy services solutions suited to their unique environments.

Analyzes network security needs and designs solutions that meet business requirements for protection, standardization, efficiency, scalability, supportability and cost-effectiveness.

Works with project managers, GITRM, team members, architects, business units and other stakeholders to create agile solutions, identifying continuous improvement opportunities, creating new or improved processes and automation to support step changes in operational efficiencies.

Determines security requirements by evaluating business strategies and requirements; researching information security standards; conducting system security and vulnerability analyses and risk assessments; studying architecture/platform; identifying integration issues; when needed preparing cost estimates.

Follows standard change management processes and practices when introducing technical changes to the environment.

Support QA Proxy services (Proxy SG Appliances, CAS Appliances, AAA Windows Servers, Reporter Appliances, Management Center Appliances, WSS-Cloud Proxy, Reverse Proxy Appliances, IIS PAC File Windows Servers, FTP Servers, Packet Shaper Appliances and SSL Visibility Appliances)

Provide 2nd level support to the Operations team that maintains and support Production Proxy services servers (Proxy SG Appliances, CAS Appliances, AAA Windows Servers, Reporter Appliances, Management Center Appliances, WSS-Cloud Proxy, Reverse Proxy Appliances, IIS PAC File Windows Servers, FTP Servers, Packet Shaper Appliances and SSL Visibility Appliances).

Prepare build and hardening guides for all servers; security operating procedures and associated documentation.

Works with other teams on placement and configuration of key server monitoring and prevention tools.

Assists in testing and verification of security controls in new or upgraded products

Writes clear requirements and implementation guidelines for the Operations team.

Transitions developed solutions to operations and continues to provide Level 3 support.

Maintains security posture by monitoring and ensuring compliance to standards, policies, and procedures; conducting incident response analyses.

Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends.

Performs analysis, system design, documentation, testing, implementation and on-going support for extremely complex client side and network systems.

Provides detailed technical responses to client requests via phone, email, instant messaging and online ticketing application in a professional and timely manner

Acts as Proxy Services expert technical resource in all phases of the development implementation and operational process and also in all assigned Projects.

Provides backup support to Juniper/PulseSecure SSL VPN services

Adheres to corporate policies and best practices to ensure internal and external audit and regulatory compliance in the areas of security, control and standards.

Provides capacity / performance estimation of Proxy services Infrastructure, provides Pricing and Orders Hardware if needed.

Raises hardware change requests for installing all Proxy servers in the raised floor

Submit FW change requests (for Proxy services access to internet, communication between servers, allowing admin access to servers etc

Submit Hostmaster requests for IP reservations and DNS records.

Designs, manages, maintains and develop the QA/Dev Proxy services Infrastructure, mirroring Production Proxy services Infrastructure configuration.

Complete testing, evaluation and implementation of complex products, including new products, software packages, operating systems and facilities to ensure System stability.

Provides Level 3 support of related products or service to ensure minimal impacts/avoid outages to the production systems

Build Virtual hosts (on ESX) of PAC file servers, AAA servers, Management Center Appliances, Reporter Appliances for the QA Proxy services Infrastructure. Manage/monitor all VM servers on the ESX (VMWARE)

Designs and maintains the PAC file script for best user Internet access performance.

Perform full Configuration of Proxy SG, CAS servers, AAA servers, PAC file ISS servers, Reporter server, PacketShaper Appliances, SSL Visibility Appliances, Cloud Proxy, Management Center and CASB Cloud SOC servers (around 70 appliances and 50 windows servers).

Create and maintain all Proxy SG and CAS Policies for both production and QA

Integrates all Proxy SG, Reporter, CAS appliances, Cloud Proxy and Packet shaper with Management Center, DLP, Splunk and with Active Directory.

Implements, manages maintains the SSL Interception, which includes the requests for certificates, implementing of all policies and testing/troubleshooting in QA environment

Configures, manages and maintains the Reverse Proxy Infrastructure (based on projects):

Implementing public DNS resolution of URL (host name), assign public IP for each URL

Assigns vip’s to all Proxy servers

Firewall Configuration and port forwarding to LB VIP

Configuration of LB forwarding to Proxy VIP’s

Submits Firewall change Requests, Hostmaster IP reservations and DNS records

Create specific proxy services

Create SSL Keyring

Configure forwarding policies on Reverse Proxy and installation of certificates

Testing and monitoring

Provides Level 3 support for troubleshooting daily issues

Designs and maintains the build documents for all servers

Performs Monitoring of all the servers and the prod/QA proxy infrastructure.

Addresses all vulnerabilities and Increases security by developing an action plan for reducing the Vulnerabilities on the Proxy Servers by Patching all servers monthly

Test and verify security controls in the DEV/QA Environment

Implemented the patch management process by testing the patches on the QA and creating signoff documents for implementation by Operations team in production

Writes clear requirements and implementation guidelines for the Operations team

Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends.

Provides backup support to Remote Access VPN engineer

Must Have Skills:

Expert understanding of BMO Network Infrastructure, of industry-standard network design principals and best practices

Ability to analyze, use and configure large enterprise networks

Solid Networking background, able to understand the OSI model and how the internet works.

Solid understanding of TCP/IP and networking concepts

Fundamental knowledge and skills to configure and manage Internet Information

Professional knowledge of All Symantec Bluecoat Proxy products and Appliances

Extensive knowledge of Windows Server (primarily 2012 R2/2016) including Active Directory, DNS, Group Policy, DFS, IIS Web servers, Authentication AAA, Windows Radius serves and DHCP

Solid understanding of Operating system security concept

knowledge of the supported applications and the environments in which they are used; support Windows Server, IIS, Java, understanding of security and TCP/IP protocols.

Computer troubleshooting, learning how to diagnose and solve technician level problems with Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, browsers, applications and security products.

Hands On experience in Authentication & Authorization protocols, Active Directory, SAML, LDAP, RSA, Citrix, VMware, HyperV and certificates/PKI.

Solid understanding of PAC File design and Java script.

Advanced knowledge of Juniper and Cisco network gear, including switches, routers, and firewalls

Understanding of malware, emerging threats, attacks, and vulnerability management

Knowledge of the Cyber Security Standards (e.g. NIST SP 800-53, ISO 270001, etc.)

Strong analytical, debugging, troubleshooting/problem solving skills with relevant experience.

Able to lead projects with notable risk and complexity

Best Regards