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Registered Nurse (RN), Inpatient - Operating Room

Entourage Consulting LLC
Houston, Texas, United States
October 12, 2018


Entourage is accepting resumes for this excellent role. Please send your resume information to us.

Job Summary:

Staff Nurse someone who works well in a fast-paced hospital setting. In this position you’ll provide quality nursing care to patients by assessing, planning, educating, implementing, and evaluating age appropriate care in a manner that incorporates family centered principles and cost-effective care. You shall collect and analyze data from the medical record in order to coordinate patient care.


• Performs and documents assessment of the patient/family including bio-physical, psychosocial, developmental (age-appropriate), cultural, spiritual, and environmental needs in an organized and systematic manner.

• Analyzes situations, anticipates potential problem, and detects changes in patient status

• Involves patient/family in the patient’s plan of care.

• Implements high quality, cost effective patient care in conjunction with the patient/family.

• Evaluates and documents patient’s response to the care provided and recognizes the patient’s progress toward meeting the desired outcomes and discusses with the patient/family.

• Educates patient and family.

• Assesses patient/family learning needs, capabilities, preferences, and readiness to learn prior to teaching.

• Demonstrates commitment to team, flexibility, professional interpersonal, communication, critical thinking, and customer service skills.

• Accountable for managing time and resources in a cost-effective manner.

• Accountable for maintaining professional development of self and participates in development of others.

• Participates in achieving hospital/ unit goals.


• Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Associate Degree in Nursing, or Diploma in Nursing (Bachelor of Science in Nursing is preferred)

• Current licensure with the Board of Nursing for the State of Texas

• Knowledge of the principals of biological, physical, and social science

• Ability to observe, assess, intervene, evaluate, care and counsel

• Administration of medications or treatments

• Administration, supervision, and evaluation of nursing practices, policies, and procedures

• Developmental (age-appropriate) nursing practices

• Ability to demonstrate positive and appropriate interpersonal skills

• Demonstrate good time and resource management skills, flexibility, strong oral and written communication and operate unit specific equipment