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Cleaning Technician

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
November 07, 2018


Recruiting Coordinator: Joel Lavien (202) 780-4931

Operations Manager: Florence Osiegbu (612) 408-1771

DUTIES: Dust, Sweep, Vacuum, Mop, clean bathrooms and kitchens. Do laundry, dishes and take the garbage out. Carry cleaning supplies from the vehicle into the house.

JOB REQUIREMENT: Applicant will fill out an application, provide 2 forms of id, pass a background check, have a clean-cut appearance, and purchase a uniform. Uniform is $12.00 and it’s deducted from the first paycheck.

QUALIFICATION: Ability to communicate well. Understand and follow both verbal and written instructions. Hard working, passionate cleaner, self-motivated individual, attention to detail, proficient, show up for work on time and give work serious commitment.

PAY: Starting pay is $12/h. Pay increases are possible and are based on job performance and efficiency. This is not a pay by cash employment, but by check. Payments are bi-weekly. A request for cash payment, or loan, or advance payment, is not allowed. Such behavior may result in job termination.

WORK APPEARANCE: Due to the nature of the environments of this job, a professional appearance is necessary. The applicant will wear a uniform. The uniform is comprised of a Logo polo shirt, professional work black pants, and black shoes. Men with braided hair must either take the braids down or wear a doo rag to cover the braids. Wearing of earrings is NOT permitted on men. Women may wear small to medium size earrings or no earrings at all. But no HUGE earrings allowed and no stacking of multiple earrings per ear. No nose rings allowed. Clean-cut appearance is preferred at all times. No nudity or displaying of underwear acceptable at any giving time. Pants are to be secured to the waist with a belt.

COURTESY: No foul language is tolerated at any giving time. And no fighting allowed. POSITIVELY NO WEARING OF PERFUME, COLOGNE, OR OTHER BODILY SCENTS. Some people are allergic to scents. We need to be sensitive to their health and well being. The work vehicle is not to be trashed. Just because there are newspapers on the floor of the vehicle is no invitation for littering. The newspapers are there for a purpose. Should you start leaving garbage in the vehicle, you won't continue to share a ride with the group. You will provide your own ride to job locations.

RESPONSIBILITY: You are responsible for your commute to and from work.

WORK POLICY: If you are late to work three (3) times within a period of one year, it will result in a termination of your employment position. If you are a NO-SHOW for work, and you are unable to prove an extreme emergency situation, the behavior will result in the immediate termination of employment. There's no wearing of street shoes at client home. Only housewares or socks are allowed. There are some environments when wearing street shoes is permitted. Crew Leader will determine environments where street shoes can be worn. You are expected to always speak the truth at all times and in all situations. Report all damages directly to the Crew Leader. Not to the Client. Keep conversations with clients to a minimum causal. Focus on the job. In this line of work, we bend over a lot. Do NOT satire at your colleague's rear-end when he or she is in a bending position working. For example, comments such as Olivia ‘sure do get a good rear-end. Or Anthony is kind of of cute and he's got a good rear-end too,’ are inappropriate; and are not permitted. This type of behavior or comment could be viewed as sexual harassment. It could result in lots of problems for you, including job loss. Don't go through client’s draws, cupboards and closets if you have not been assigned to do so as a duty. It’s inappropriate behavior. Please refer to your fellow colleague by the name displayed on their nametag. No other name-calling allowed. For example, refer to me as Florence, and not Flo.

PHONE POLICY: No personal phones allowed on job sites. Phones are expected to be left in the vehicle during work time. When in need of a phone, you may go out to the vehicle to use your phone. Before exiting to use the phone, notify the Crew Leader for permission. When you return to the work site, inform the Crew Leader that you are back. At the end of the shift, the total time spent using the phone will be deducted from your time card. POSITIVELY FORBIDDEN TO USE THE CLIENT HOME OR MOBILE PHONE TO MAKE CALLS. No headphones and no blue tooth allowed while work is in progress. People tend to focus on the devices rather than the work. Do NOT ride in the Company’s vehicle with illegal drugs on you. Do Not bring knives or guns with you to work, If you come to work with alcohol or the smell of drugs in your breath or other strong body odors, you will be sent home.