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Staffing Coordinator

Troutdale, Oregon, 97060, United States
November 15, 2018


Key responsibilities:

•Conducts New Hire Events (NHE) including: Greeter, Welcome Event Presenter, Candidate Care Specialist, Computer Assistance, Badge Photo, and/or Drug Test Administrator.

•Supports candidate activity to ensure all electronic paperwork is completed on time.

•Submitting Trouble Tickets to ensure events details are accurate and delivered timely for candidates that are attending NHEs.

•Guides applicants through the hiring process in accordance with company policies and procedures.

•Consults with applicants on the best match for their desired position and available opportunity in Node.

•Resolves Candidate Connection Services (ACCS) tickets by calling candidates identifying issues, offering to reschedule them, or assisting candidates who are having virtual new hire orientation technology issues, or offering assistance with any other concerns.

•Understands company planning cycles and modeling resources.

•Assists with New Hire Orientation (NHO) (proctored)(virtual) from sending out broadcast communication, to running audits, to preparing Day 1 check-in, and proctoring NHO.

•Communicates opportunities for improving candidate experience and scheduling efficiency.

•Responsible for initiating Candidate onboarding and matching them to the proper requisition.

Required Skills:

•Ability to present presentations to new hires and potential candidates.

•Strong willingness to forge new relationships with leaders in the community and build on existing relationships, deliver results on labor order needs and site planning.

•Intermediate to advanced level proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) required.

Preferred Skills:

•Willing to travel to multiple events in the Portland Metro area.

•Open to new challenges and have a willingness to learn and be curious.