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Heavy Equipment Mechanic/Operator Support

Entourage Consulting LLC
Niceville, Florida, United States
March 18, 2019


Entourage is accepting resumes for Heavy Equipment Mechanic/Operator Support

Place of Performance: Niceville, FL

General Description:

Heavy Equipment Mechanic/Operator Support shall identify defects and causes of mechanical problems to determine the type and extent of repairs to a variety of ground maintenance, mobile equipment and all-terrain vehicles.

Specific Tasks:

• You shall repair, overhaul and rebuild ground maintenance, mobile equipment, and all-terrain vehicles.

• You shall conduct functional and performance tests using a wide variety of test procedures and equipment on completed work assignments.

• You shall maintain, repair and overhaul complex major components and systems, such as engines, transmissions, axel assemblies, differentials, transaxles, suspensions, fuel injection systems, exhaust and emission control systems, gear reduction systems, steering mechanisms/systems, hydraulic power assist systems, related electrical, electronic, hydraulic, fuel and other vehicle assemblies.

• You shall interpret and apply manufacturers repair manuals and technical specifications,

schematics, diagnostic codes and environmental and safety manuals to ensure completed

work meets manufacturers specifications.

• You shall determine type and quantity of merchandise to be stocked in-house, account for funds used to purchase inventory, conduct inventories, initiates purchase orders and maintain tool storage and expendable/non-expendable bench stock items.

• You shall provide instruction and assistance to command personnel in all phases of repairs

including major assemblies such as engines, transmissions, and differentials. Provide

instruction and assistance to command personnel in proper use and care required to safely

operate on-site vehicles and equipment.

• You shall adhere to federal and state rules when storing, using, handling, labeling and disposing of hazardous materials and waste in accordance with environmental standards.

• You shall perform clean-up duties, such as cleaning equipment, sweeping and proper storage of tools and other property in the workshop. Maintain 100% accountability of all tools and equipment and ensure they are properly stored and safeguarded.

• You may be required to assist in a helper capacity in the operation, painting, plumbing, and electrical fields as primary workload permits.

• You may be required to operate forklifts in the performance of material handling.


• You must have minimum of (6) six years’ experience working as a heavy equipment


• You shall have a thorough knowledge of mobile equipment, such as tractors, lawn

mowers, all-terrain vehicles, and working relationship of heavy-duty systems, assemblies,

and parts, including major systems such as: diesel, multi-fuel and gasoline, including

supercharged, turbocharged, automatic and manual transmissions and gear reduction


• You shall have a thorough knowledge of technical practices in order to repair/overhaul

major systems, i.e., diesel, multi-fuel and gasoline engines, automatic and manual

transmissions, multi-gear assemblies and a variety of positioning systems.

• You shall have a thorough knowledge of safety practices and procedures regarding

equipment mechanical repair and servicing.

• You must have the ability to interpret instructions, specifications, technical manuals,

illustrations, specifications, diagrams, schematics and similar guides, as well as

troubleshooting skills in order to accomplish repairs, modifications and servicing of on-site


• You shall possess a valid driver’s license with appropriate endorsements.