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Senior Business Analyst

vTech Solution Inc
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
March 15, 2019


The Consultant will provide the Services and deliverables similar in content and nature to the following list of examples. This list is not intended to be limiting or all-inclusive, however provides a good representation of the Services and deliverables the Ministry will require during the Term of the Contract. The Ministry will provide the Consultant with specific requirements, quality standards and timelines for the Services and deliverables on a case by case basis.

Examples include:

•Assist with development of current solution architecture;

•Assist with development of solution abstracts;

•Assist with development of business process architecture;

•Assist with development of conceptual data models;

•Develop and/or update business process diagrams;

•Assist with development of environmental scans and gap analyses;

•Assist with development of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA);

•Participate in preliminary technical analysis;

•Develop detailed business requirements and process diagrams;

•Develop Responsibility Assignment (RACI) models;

•Conduct stakeholder analysis;

•Conduct or participate in workshops and requirements gathering sessions;

•Analysis and documentation of requirements for user interface gap analysis and design;

•Liaise with the working group to determine requirements and document as required according to the IMB SDLC or Agile deliverables or other methodology as required;

•Liaise with a COTS Contractor on changes to a COTS solution;

•Assist with the Ministry and OCIO standard privacy and security process and policies. Ensure privacy and security deliverables include business specific details;

•Assist with facilitating working group sessions, discussions, tracking and documentation;

•Assist with development of Security and Threat Risk Assessments (STRA);

•Assist with development of Deployment Plan documentation;

•Conduct or participate in workshops and requirements gathering sessions;

•Participate in Data Migration Plan development and execution;

•Assist with transition plans;

•Develop test strategies;

•Develop test plans;

•Develop test cases and lead execution;

•Develop user acceptance testing, toolkit and oversight;

•Develop training toolkit;

•Develop end user training;

•Participate in Terms of Acceptance documentation;

•Conduct and document interviews;

•Assist with project planning; and

•Participate in Project Close Out activities such as documenting Lessons Learned.

Work Samples (Required)

•One (1) sample business process model that the Consultant primarily wrote

•One (1) sample deliverable related to the implementation of a COTS product (examples could include but are not restricted to an implementation plan, a training plan or a readiness plan) that the Consultant primarily wrote.

Mandatory Skills

Ability to lead multi-discipline teams in business transformation initiatives to align business systems with new business processes, using application portfolio management techniques, and have provided and followed a plan to transfer the business from the ”as is“ structure to the ”to be“ structure;

Knowledge of business process re-engineering;

Knowledge of change management;

Identify, define, model and document business needs, including the ability to:

•model and document technical solutions;

•develop and present business cases including feasibility studies, risk assessments and cost benefit analysis of solution alternatives;

•define and document product and funding for development and ongoing support;

•develop presentations, reports and submissions required by clients to secure approval and funding from Executive or Treasury Board, and develop work plans;

Interact professionally and productively with a wide variety of people in diverse roles (e.g., executives, contractors, technical experts, naïve users) to develop and implement:

•automated business processes;

•service agreements with service consumers and suppliers;

•appropriate service management processes;

•training/educational materials;

•application maintenance support;

Manage the quality of the delivered business solution to ensure it meets the quality expectations:

•ensure structure, design and development of the deliverables is in compliance with applicable standards;

•monitor/control project progress, resource usage and cost;

•ensure performance of technical reviews and audits and obtain required approvals before implementation;

Considerable tact, professionalism and diplomacy as the Consultant will have interaction with stakeholders, vendors, professionals and various levels of employees in a government setting;

Superior written and oral communication, interpersonal, influence and negotiation skills to properly represent the ministry and its business interests;

Work with a team co-operatively within diverse or work groups, including the ability to understand and respond effectively to other team members with diverse views;

Problem solves effectively by giving shape and direction to issues, ideas, information and deliver high quality work in a timely manner. Use analysis and evaluation skills on high profile and/or complex matters. View client issues from various points of view and driving factors. Assess, weigh and manage risk. Willing to view problems as opportunities;

Comprehends a situation analytically by breaking it down into its components and identifying key or underlying complex issues. It implies the ability to systematically organize and compare the various aspects of a problem or situation and determine cause-and-effect relationships ("if...then…") to resolve problems in a sound, decisive manner. Checks to ensure the validity or accuracy of all information;

Promotes innovation to improve project success and performance by doing or promoting new ways of doing things.

Three years of experience identifying, defining, modelling and documenting business needs, including modelling and documenting technical solutions;

Three years of experience interacting professionally with a wide variety of people in diverse roles (e.g., executives, contractors, technical experts, naive users) to develop and implement automated business processes, and at least one of: service agreements with service consumers and suppliers, appropriate service management processes, training/education materials and application maintenance support;

Three years of experience managing the quality of the delivered business solution to ensure it meets quality expectations;

Two years of experience leading multi-discipline or single discipline teams in a business initiative to design and align new business systems with business processes;

Two years of experience creating and following a change management plan to move from the "as-is" to the "to-be" state;

Two years of experience reporting to senior managers;

Two years of experience having managers and senior technical and business staff assigned or contracted to the project reporting to or working collaboratively with the Consultant;

Two years of experience managing effective communications with project stakeholders at all levels from diverse business units.

Desired Skills (not mandatory)

Working with the public sector;

Working to install analyze requirements for or to install GIS/spatial/map based solutions;

Working to analyze requirements for or to install project management software related to the construction industry;

Experience with supporting Traveller Information Systems such as;

Knowledge of Ministry District Staff and Maintenance Contractors business processes related to Event and Road Condition data capture.