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Seeking Proven Sales & Marketing Winners for Extreme Growth

Millionaire Mindset Life
Denver, CO
October 15, 2020


If you can sell, you just hit the JACKPOT! Big money and a long-lasting career.

If you have a sales acumen, you can win at this guaranteed. We have some of the best sales trainers I have ever seen, and they are even better people! Having said that this is a position for a business professional or someone that enjoys communicating with people, helping them to solve a problem, someone that is accustomed to Zoom calls, or can easily learn, this is all virtual. We use email, social media, Linkedin, Calendly (calendar app), Zoom, etc... Must also have a quality computer and wifi.

* Financial Services

* Insurance

* Automotive Sales

* Solar

* Home Security Sales

* Restaurant Servers/ Bar Tenders

* Entrepreneurs

* Sales OR Marketing Experience

* Professional Network Marketers

* And more

If you have the solution for Americans #1 problem in life, and you have zero competition in the marketplace than big things can happen!

This is a ground floor opportunity in an 8.3 trillion dollar industry with virtually no competition, and 98% of the public are unaware that this solution exists, at this time. This is a product that 80 million households need and many will want. Recession-proof, pandemic proof, lowest sector of unemployment, business is booming.

Huge money, no boss, no clock to punch, work nationwide on a laptop. Stay at home with the kids or work next to the pool, travel, and work, no problem.

I have sold it all AND nothing compares, this can change things for you or if you are already having a lot of success, this will be much easier, due to the need it addresses it will grow on its own after a certain point.

Do you just love to sell OR want to build a real business making a tremendous income on others you've trained, no problem? Any professional salesperson would want to do this.

What is it?

The #1 problem in America is debt and there's not even a close second unless you lost your job to Covid-19 or have a sick family member. Even people that make a good living do NOT have enough money left over to live a life of freedom, or build wealth, including you. There's nothing left over to save as they want and for 80% of Americans, it will never change unless...

What if I told you there is an Award-Winning technology that can pay off a 30-year mortgage in as little as 5-7 years at the same payment? What if I told you it could also pay off every other debt that you have in that same time frame, with zero modifications, no consolidation, not one cent beyond minimum monthly payments? Again, what if it was the only program in the world that could do it? What if it was patented and could not be copied?

I have access to a technology that has the most prestigious award achievable in the financial services industry, the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2008. It has the exact same award as Apple, eBay, Starbucks, Microsoft.

Technology has caught up with personal finances. Supercomputing technology can pay off debt and build wealth simultaneously on the same $1 with zero changes to your budget! Beat the banks at their own game. A 3% APR mortgage a complete lie, it is the way that interest is calculated that matters. The ads telling us to refinance and save money is another lie from the banks. At 3% APR you'll pay 50% interest back. (Total Interest Paid)

There is an online, web-based, financial GPS that looks like Quicken or Mint on the surface but has a Lamborghini underneath the hood. It is like 100 accountants calculating transactions making decisions that cancel interest and time between 50% - 70% in nearly all cases. The average client will save 20 plus years in payments and 100's of thousands in interest and that's only on their current debt! Quite simply when you can eliminate your payments then you have 1000's of dollars a month to live life and invest in whatever you want. It's almost impossible to not be wealthy using this program for personal finances. Every rep that helps people to get out of debt with this technology uses the program, that's a testimonial.

I meet and train new reps every day and believe me you will not have a clue what this looks like until you see it. I recommend you watch a live demo of the technology with me.

There's so much more, it's impossible to tell you everything, reply back to me and we'll book an appointment and you'll see.

If you don't think debt is a problem like I have said, if you're not passionate about helping people and getting paid a lot then please do not reply. If are unable to get people to like you, then please do not reply. If you're unorganized and lack confidence and do not follow through, please do not reply. This is a 6 and even 7 figure potential and a lot of money quickly helping people with something they want and desperately need.

Thank you for your time and let's buy back America one family at a time.