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Heavy Equipment Operators

American Pro Staffing
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
March 15, 2019


Our company is loing for the brightest and the best. We are looking for Heavy Equipment Operators to join our team. In the performance of these duties, operators are to ensure that safety procedures are completely followed and never compromised.

Responsibilities Include:

-Operating equipment (Dozer, Excavator)

-Laying Pipe.

-Moving materials with equipment.

-Working as a team.

-Inspection on equipment daily to ensure safety and avoid


-Receive construction materials and deliver them to work sites.

-Identify faults in equipment and take measures to fix them.

-Carryout minimal repairs on machine when necessary.

-Adhere to safety regulations and report hazards to relevant


-Adhere to company work policies and conditions.

-Perform physical activities such as kneeling, crawling, jumping, and

lifting amongst others.

-Pack dirt and other waste products from work environment to dumping


-Document information of equipment purchase, repairs and maintenance

for record keeping.

-Inspect working environment even before work begins to ensure that

it is safe.

-Establish good working relationship on site.

Overtime is required. Please send in resume and contact us to set up interview. (270) 801-0139