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Leaders - Veterans Preferred

The Mayo Agencies & Legacy Group
Killeen, Texas, United States
September 24, 2019


Leaders Needed – Veterans Preferred

Voted Glassdoor’s Top 100 Companies to Work For in the US!

Liberty National as a Fortune 1000 Company, and The Mayo Agencies & Legacy Group as the local Texas office is committed to hiring military vets. We would be foolish not to. Mr. Mayo's personal story with the company is this:

"I was hired by a Marine. I was trained by a Navy lady. I took over the job of a Navy recruiter. I was with the Army 82nd Airborne 1-504 as an Infantryman. The person who took over the Louisiana offices was an Army Comms guy. The person who took over my position when I came to Texas was an Army Artillery guy. And now in Texas, 1/3 of my office is Military."

And that is just his storyline. Liberty National's leadership is filled with the same, Military Vets rise to the top. We are actively looking for people who poses the discipline, leadership, and tenacity that the Military instills in each of us. Within our Central Texas office 25% of our management team and 1/3 of the total office is military.

We have partnered with RecruitMilitary, Hiring our Hero's, US Chamber of Commerce as well as numerous other pro military organizations. Texas has one of the largest Veteran populations in the nation. And with Military force reductions, more and more Soldiers will be looking for employment.

We are hiring for the following positions:

• Training Manager- who help facilitate the initial training of new hires. Military equivalent would be a Squad Leader. Average income is between 75k - 100k.

• Area Manager- Recruit, Train, Develop Leaders. They coordinate a team of trainers to turn new hires into professionals. With an emphasis on Leadership Development. Military equivalent would be a Platoon Sgt. Average income is between 100k - 150k.

• Regional Area Manager- Run a department or office for the agency. Coordinates Area Managers. Requires being in the Area Manager position for a year. Military equivalent would be First Sgt. Average income is between 150k - $220k.

Our training is very system based which makes for an easy transition for those of us used to SOP.

Our office is prepared to interview any Veteran and any Army Transitioning Soldier who is getting out with an honorable discharge and give them preference over non military applicants. If hired we can put them in an office here in Texas or if they are returning home, we can place them in an office closer to home.