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Eye Donation Counsellor-Jc Road

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
July 13, 2018

1. An eye donation counselor is required to counsel and convince the deceased family members for donating the eyes of the deceased for corneal transplant to the corneal blinds.

2. Well informed about in eye banking. Has to be very polite, humble and cooperative while counseling.

3. Well trained and oriented on list of contraindications to do proper screening of the cases.

4. Trained to fill the consent form and other documents pertaining to eye call.

5. Trained to deal with the MLC and non-MLC cases.

6. For all the MLC cases separately follow-up with the concern police personnel and also with the forensic department of HCRP hospital.

7. All the documents pertaining to the MLC cases are to be dully filled and completed and a copy of it has to be handed over to the police and forensic dept without fail before the body is handed over to the relatives.

8. Maintaining good relationship with the HCRP hospital staff.

9. Building relationship and rapport with the police dept.

10. Regular reporting to Eye Bank Manager.

11. Daily report on the total number of cases and call for attendance at login and logout time.

12. Monthly reporting on the death rates of all the departments of the HCRP hospital.

13. Proper time management skills so that all potential cases are notified.

14. Adapt to any changes made by eye bank for EDCs on job role or shift timings as and when required in the interest of the Eye Bank.