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Director of Operations to $160K

Houston, Texas, United States
July 13, 2018


Growing firm in Houston, Texas has a need for a Director of Operations. This is a full time opening with a full benefits package. If interested please email your resume to us.

The Director of Operations role is to deliver exceptional organizational and financial responsibility for flight operations. The DO is responsible for all aspects of the charter operation by using in-depth knowledge of company procedures, FAA Regulations, and oversight of the entire operation.

Responsibilities and Duties

Responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable rules, regulations, organizational standards, safety, security, and quality in all Company Operations

Responsible for the air carrier operation to include: planning, organizing, personnel requirements, budgeting, financial, and directing all air carrier operations, safety, safety management systems, and related activities.

Ensure all functions within the organization are filled with competent individuals who possess the necessary knowledge, experience, qualifications, and demonstrated skills appropriate for the position.

Ensure all personnel maintain their competency through continuing education and training.

Has the authority to exercise operational control of all Company flight operations which includes authority to delay, cancel or discontinue a flight when, in his / her opinion conditions are unsuitable for the initiation or continuation of the flight.

Responsible for maintaining compliance with the conditions and restrictions set forth in the Company's Air Carrier Operating Certificate and Company issued Operations Specifications.

Responsible for maintaining a working relationship (liaison) with the Federal Aviation Administration, other regulatory agencies to include but not limited to, the NTSB, DOT, ICAO, State, original equipment manufacturers and other operationally relevant external entities.

Responsible to promote and support the Safety Program, Safety Management System and Quality Assurance throughout the Air Carrier Certificate.

Ensures that the proper Economic Authority with the FAA / DOT are in place and compliant.

Responsible for all federal, foreign, and local regulatory compliance.

Has authority to hire, suspend, evaluate, and terminate employees.

Establishes operations, personnel and equipment standards.

Responsible for the Company Manual System.

Responsible for establishing Company training programs, policies and procedures.

Coordinates with the Director of Maintenance concerning maintenance policies and procedures.

Responsible for ensuring all personnel who are covered employees as defined in FAR Part 135, are covered by an approved DOT Anti-Drug/Alcohol program.

Coordinates crew training with the Manager of Training and Standards.

Coordinates with the Manager of Flight Operations, Chief Pilot, Director of Maintenance, Manager of Training and Standards and the Safety Officer concerning operational policy and procedure.

Responsible to notify flight crewmembers, while in-flight, of potential danger when baggage or cargo onboard a Company aircraft is known or believed to have been involved in a hazardous material spill.

Responsible to report accidents and reportable incidents to the appropriate agencies.

Responsible to notify and disclose when regulatory violations or safety of flight has been jeopardized to the appropriate agencies.

Maintain the business relationship with the aircraft owners and clients.

Participate in industry and FAA work groups to further the benefit of the Company's goals.

Ensures that no employee, agent, or contractor under the age of 21 is utilized.

Required Education and Experience

Bachelor's degree in a business related field

Airline Transport Pilot certification

Requirements in accordance with FAR 119.71 (a).