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Saddle Stitcher Operator - 3810

Absolute Opportunities
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
November 14, 2018


Saddle Stitcher Operator - 3810

Role: Technician / Maintenance

Relocation Available: No, but a short easy move may be okay

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Tennessee

Town / City: Nashville

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

To produce high quality printing for clients, maintain machine, keep machine and area around machine in client-ready status, work to maintain and exceed quality and production standards pre-set by company and client.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Produce high quality and consistent printing that meets and exceeds client expectations

* Compare proofs to job being produced to avoid errors

* Get signed off approval on all jobs prior to production run

* Set aside samples at the beginning of the Production Run

* Make sure counts are met to meet required needs of specific job at hand

* Make pulls during runs to assure that quality and consistency are up to approved standard for job at hand

* Manage and Oversee helpers during course of job at hand

* Regularly meet production standards of the company

* Adhere to all Policies and Procedures implemented by the company

* Maintain machine and its work area according to standards and scheduled maintenance

* Keep machine and area client ready and impressively clean

* Communicate any issues/problems associated with given job to assure proper outcome

* Immediately take actions necessary to solve any issues on a given job at time of incident

* Keep personal appearance client ready for random press checks or client tours

* Be honest about any mistakes and seek immediate resolve

* Review and comply by all details on Job Ticket to assure job is properly produced

* Provide suggestions that will better the bindery and make the company more efficient and profitable

* Maintain Equipment and communicate to Manager if repairs are needed

Skills/Qualifications Required:

* Exercise authority to instruct crew members to perform tasks

Reading skills capable of reading and following Job Ticket instructions

* Thorough and Procedural

* Planning skills that achieve efficiency, maximize productivity, avoid waste, insure quality

* Mechanically capable of routine maintenance

* Communication skills to discuss relevant job to job issues to seek positive results

* Study and know machine mechanically and operationally

* Dependable and procedurally sound

* Desire to grow and develop new skills and knowledge on going

* Work necessary overtime to meet client demands

* Check forms and compare to proofs for approval prior to run


Clearly and honestly communicate any issues with machinery or with specific job immediately.

In case of injury, must communicate immediately to your manager.

If you know of anyone or anything that is not functioning in the best interest of the company you are obligated to communicate immediately to your manager.

Bottom Line Requirements:

1. Experience operating a Mueller Saddle Stitcher.