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Landfill Gas Processing Plant Manager - RT

Absolute Opportunities
Louisville, Kentucky, 40203, United States
November 11, 2018


Landfill Gas Processing Plant Manager - RT

Louisville, Kentucky 40203

II. Essential Duties and Responsibilities

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Other minor duties may be assigned.

By thorough evaluation of operational data, be responsible for planning a proper course of action and have complete ownership for managing production capacity in efforts to reduce plant operating expenses while limiting equipment downtime without impairment. Inspects ongoing activities for safety and environmental compliance, and for adherence to Standard Operating Procedures. Reports and develops recommendations for corrective actions in any instances of reoccurring shutdowns or equipment de-rating in order to notify operations managers whether further analysis is necessary.

Responsible for ensuring compliance with all operational requirements of the air permit, which may include CYCLE task tracking, documentation of compliance with standard operating procedures, performing emissions tests, and adjusting equipment to meet emissions limits. Represents company during third party testing and regulatory inspections.

Secures, manages, and coordinates all 3rd party vendors for scheduled plant maintenance, unscheduled down time, compliance, and well-field issues. Regularly communicates this with the Market Area Gas Operations Manager (MAGOM) and/or Operations Manager.

Manages various relationships with power/gas purchasers as a first point of contact, with respect to facility operations and compliance with scheduling requirements. Complies with power purchase agreements, gas sales agreements, interconnect agreements, or other contracts.

Inspects plant machinery and equipment. Repairs, maintains, and services all equipment in accordance with the facility Standard Operating Procedures, equipment maintenance manuals, and policies and training. Must also be knowledgeable to handle non-routine repairs or issues that may arise and require sound, immediate judgment without direct supervision.

Implements safety policies and practices for all work activities, and ensures these practices are followed by other staff, vendors, contractors, and visitors entering the facility.

Completes all mandatory training activities for both safety and operational training as assigned by supervisor.

Procures plant supplies and replacement equipment in an efficient manner by identifying needs in advance, managing vendors, and working within guidelines as well as being responsible for the annual budget.

Promptly responds to call-outs of plant shutdowns during non-business hours to identify the cause of the shutdown and rectify/diagnose through appropriate repairs or adjustments to return the plant to operation while consulting with operations managers (as needed). This role is given discretion to judge the situation and respond accordingly without management intervention, until needed.

Identifies backup staff in coordination with the regional manager, and assigns call-out schedules to ensure that there is at least one plant manager available 24/7/365 for plant shutdowns and emergencies. For self and backup, adjusts daily or weekly on-site presence at plant during business hours to reflect time spent for call-outs, with consideration that all other daily and monthly duties must be completed on a timely basis.

Maintains the facility spare inventory and provides a written inventory count twice annually.

Schedules and conducts plant tours as requested to support good community relations. Represent company as the on-site technical expert on production of renewable energy from landfill gas. Participates actively in developing and implementing ongoing public relations between the plant and community to ensure favorable outlook of the facility from both customer and community.

Participates in public forums to support business development and community education. Ensures the potential for use of the facility as a marketing platform and supervises such activities. Maintains effective relationships with key political and community decision makers in the region.

Completes special assignments/tasks as required by Operations Manager, Market Area Gas Operations Manager, or Landfill District Manager.

Knowledge Skills, and Abilities: (Submission Summary)

1. Education: High School Diploma or GED (accredited)

2. Experience: 5 years of relevant work experience diagnosing and repairing internal combustion engines and cooling systems.

3. Must have valid driver’s license

4. Fundamental knowledge of computer data entry and interpretation.

5. Must be able to successfully manage fiduciary responsibilities.

6. Must be able to lift a minimum of 100 lbs.

7. Must be able to travel up to 15% with overnight stays.

8. Must be able to diagnose and repair DC circuits 12/24 volts.

9. Basic knowledge of 120/240/480 3ph volt AC circuits.

10. Understand concepts of 4160 volt circuits

11. Must be familiar with basic principles of building maintenance.

12. Present Salary?

13. Salary Expectation?

14. Must be a US Citizen or Green Card holder?

15. Complete Current Address?