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Oncology Nurse / Physician Assistant -Columbia Asia Hospital-Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
As per organisation standards
December 03, 2018


The Hematology / Oncology Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant will function as an independent healthcare provider and collaboratively work within a multidisciplinary health team and will be responsible for providing comprehensive care to both well and ill patients in a dual role of outpatient and inpatient setting.

Demonstrate a high degree of clinical expertise working with patients of acute and chronic illnesses, specifically cancer patients in active treatment.

Shall be responsible for assessment, diagnosis, treatment, management, education, health promotion and care coordination for patients and families with acute and chronic health needs.

Demonstrate an advanced level of medical/nursing clinical knowledge, communication and interdisciplinary collaboration, professionalism and systems-based practice.

Works with administrative, nursing, consultants to assure safe, effective, quality patient care.

Clinical Knowledge

1. Demonstrate knowledge of etiologies, risk factors, pathophysiology, presentation and epidemiology of medical conditions.

2. Perform history and physical assessments of patients that are accurate, complete, concise, relevant and appropriate for age, gender and clinical problem.

3. Order appropriate diagnostic studies and correctly interprets the results.

4. Utilize critical thinking to synthesize and analyze collected data.

5. Manage general medical and surgical conditions based on knowledge of the indications, contraindications, side effects, interactions and adverse reactions of pharmacologic agents and other relevant treatment modalities.

6. Counsels and educates patients and families.

7. Demonstrate proficiency in procedural skills pertinent to practice area.

8. Maintain accurate, complete, concise and timely documentation in the electronic medical record.

Patient Care

1. Provide care that is patient and family centered, compassionate, appropriate and effective for the promotion of health, prevention of illness and treatment of disease.

2. Facilitate consistently, coordinated care along with team.

Practice Based Learning and Clinical Improvement

1. Demonstrate insight into own strengths, limitations and knowledge deficits.

2. Demonstrate initiative to meet identified learning needs using multiple resources.

3. Actively participate in self-evaluation by seeking and utilizing guidance and constructive feedback in a professional manner.

4. Continuously seek opportunities for clinical advancement and knowledge and skill attainment.

5. Participate in research opportunities to advance the care and treatment of patients.

Communication and Interdisciplinary Collaboration

1. Communicate and collaborate effectively with physicians, other health professionals and health related agencies.

2. Work effectively with multidisciplinary team members.

3. Promote mutual respect and trust working within a team.


1. Follows ethical principles regarding patient confidentiality, informed consent and unanticipated adverse outcomes.

2. Demonstrate the highest level of accountability for professional practice.

3. Participate in education of students and other health care professionals.

4. Maintain effectiveness where circumstances and priorities are changing. Is flexible, resilient and change oriented.

5. Participates in organizational and departmental meetings, educational opportunities, committees and workgroups as necessary.

Roles and responsibilities specific to area of clinical practice:

Outpatient Specific Responsibilities

1. Conduct comprehensive or episodic health history and physical assessment of oncology/hematology patients with acute, chronic and/or potential health problems.

2. Oversee treatment infusions and supportive care needs.

3. Communicate effectively with referring and primary health care providers.

4. Manage independent outpatient clinical practice and coverage for collaborating physicians.

5. Maintain clinical documentation according to group practice.

6. Participate in medical oncology/hematology specific clinical quality and research projects.

7. Educate patients and families on treatment plans, wellness care, and survivorship plans

Inpatient Specific Responsibilities

1. Conduct comprehensive health history and physical assessment of patients with acute health problems.

2. Perform admission history and physical, develop, manage and modify treatment plan as per Consultants advice.

3. Participate in daily rounds and collaborate with attending or consulting team in order to adjust plans of care.

4. Manage or independently perform evaluative and treatment procedures necessary to provide an appropriate response to life-threatening emergency situations until the arrival of emergency response teams.

5. Facilitate referrals to appropriate community health facilities, agencies and resources.

6. Discharge hospitalized patients at the direction of the attending Consultant.

7. Assists with intraoperative processes and procedures, when needed, and as granted through privileging processes.

Procedures: Performs routine clinical procedures independently as outlined in practice agreements/scope of practice including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Chemotherapy prescribing privileges

2. Bone marrow biopsies


Possess Diploma / Degree in Nursing and valid / renewed Karnataka Nursing Council Registration.

Work Experience

1 to 3 years of experience caring for hematology/medical oncology patients. Experience with acute and ambulatory patient care.

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:

1. Proficient in the use of basic computer programs including MS Word applications.

2. Profound knowledge of Nurse Practice Act and related industry guidelines.

3. Ability to work well under stress including in emergency situations.

4. Solid ability to work well independently and in group settings.

5. Strong communications and organizational abilities.

- Candidates / Aspirants ready to relocate to Hebbal - Bangalore on their own can apply.

- Aspirants are requested to E-mail resume in MS word format only along with photograph and with details on current fixed salary + incentives if any and expected salary.

- Please super scribe as “Application for the post of Oncology Nurse /Physician Assistant” in Subject column when writing / sending / forwarding E-mail.

- Work Location - Hebbal - Bangalore - Karnataka - India.

Note* Please ignore this Ad if the mentioned details does not meet or suit your requirements.

* Aspirants need to be flexible to join within a week.