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Configuration Analyst

DatamanUSA LLC
McLean, Virginia, United States
January 23, 2019


Roles and Responsibilities:

• Responsible for defining configuration management policies and processes

• Managing the process for document identification, baseline and change management, and document review status of internal and external work products

• Maintaining the Configuration Management library of hard copy and electronic records

• Serve as Administrator of the SharePoint Library System

• Provide system administrative services and Configuration Control Board records for the Corrective and Preventive Action System (CPAS)

• Coordinate the Quality Management System annual review

• Maintain the MSSO MedDRA Style Guide

• Perform the build, verification, and MedDRA release activities associated with providing MedDRA terminology version updates to the production environment for release and distribution

• Serve as backup Terminology Maintenance Peer Reviewer for MedDRA change request files

• Maintaining website content, and providing editorial review and document control services for the MedDRA website

• Responsible for extracting and compiling website analytic information

• Supporting the MedDRA website by coordinating with a third party vendor; responsible for identifying and reporting website software issues.

• Coordinate the development of articles, and publishing the MedDRA Messenger newsletter

• Provide internal help services to MSSO staff on issues with Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint


• At least 5 to 10 years equivalent experience with tasks described in roles and responsibilities section

• Good written and oral communication skills

• Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office

• Experience performing detail oriented tasks

• Ability to work independently

Preferred Qualifications:

• Knowledge maintaining website content and HTML skills