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Director of Operations

MTH Pumps
Plano, Illinois, 60545, United States
December 03, 2018


The role of the Director of Operations is to meet or exceed the needs of the customer by shipping quality product in a timely manner (typically 3-5 working days from order date) and continuously improving key metric goals of the organization. Another aspect of this role will be to keep costs within stated guidelines to produce acceptable predetermined profit.

Qualifications of the Position

General type of experience:

The person in this role should have relevant experience managing a production facility having annual sales above $15 million.

Relevant specific experience should include:

Knowledge of:

• Metals based manufacturing, purchasing, material control techniques

• CNC machining operational knowledge

• Strong people management and communication skills

• Be highly organized and have significant planning capabilities

• Adept with Microsoft Office programs

• Knowledge of resource planning tools such as ERP or MRP

• Experience and demonstrated ability to work in an ISO 9001 quality system and knowledge of Lean and 6 Sigma techniques.

• Product knowledge (of regenerative turbine, and other pump types or related products like motors, valves, etc) is highly beneficial.

Education/Licensing/Training Requirements:

• Quality training (ISO 9001, corrective action, root cause analysis, 6-Sigma, 5-S, Lean), Purchasing Management, APICS

• Prefer a Bachelors degree or higher in Industrial Management

Scope of the Position

This Position is responsible for managing all production functions such as:

• Assuring fulfillment of the company vision & mission

• Procurement

• Material management

• Scheduling

• Manufacturing

• Tool Room

• Maintenance

• Facilities

• Warehouse

• Assembly

• Shipping and receiving

• Minimizing Quality defects, Warrantee Returns, and Rework

• Working with the sales department to achieve customer delivery expectations

These areas are to be managed with a focus on lowest total cost while maintaining or improving quality.

Essential Responsibilities

• Monitor and maintain 3-5 day availability on all standard products.

• Meet and exceed company metric goals for on-time delivery, scrap, first pass failure rate, warranty returns and other metrics as assigned

• Coordinate the introduction of new product to purchasing/ manufacturing/ assembly/ shipping

• Reporting and monitoring expenses and resource allocation with a focus on minimizing total costs without sacrificing quality, safety, or OTD

• Detect and resolve problems/bottlenecks with products or processes any where in the system

• Assure subordinates are planning for short term and long term sales requirements

• Assure Material Management optimizes inventory levels and develops stocking plans

• Assists Purchasing to negotiate pricing and stocking arrangements with vendors

• Develops and executes plans to improve quality and consistency of product

• Streamlines interdepartmental processes and communication

• Measures and makes plans to improve crucial processes in the production process (procurement, materials management/staging, production, assembly, shipping)

• Provides requested reporting to Sales/President

• Coordinates with other departments to achieve company goals (ie. Quality, Engineering, Sales, Accounting, IT, etc.)

• Hires/Evaluates/Disciplines/and Releases employees as needed

• Evaluates and recommends additional training and development programs for personnel and cross-trains individuals to assure maximum personnel capabilities and availability of redundant coverage of critical processes in the event of absences and personnel losses.

• Attendance and participation in weekly staff meetings

• Forecasting/Budgeting for Production

• Oversees the scheduling process to assure timely production of parts to fulfill waiting orders

• This position performs employee evaluations for direct reports.

• This position is also responsible for implementing and enforcing measures that assure the safety and welfare of workers as well as minimizing the environmental impact of the organization.

• Other duties as assigned

Performance Measures

• Cycle time and Router time improvements expressed in dollars of savings times annual usage qty (maximize)

• Part defect rate as a percentage of total part output (minimize)

• Warranty return rate as a percentage of total units shipped (minimize)

• On-time delivery metric (95% or greater, maximize)

• Number of item #’s below their prescribed Safety Stock level (minimize)

• First Pass Failure Rate in the Assembly dept. (minimize)

• Days from order receipt to shipment (goal is less than 5 working days)