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Finisher (Wet)

National Mallfront & Design
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
January 18, 2019


Job Description

Assist senior personnel in shop and perform semi-skilled duties related to the finishing department. Includes but not limited to wood and metal finishing, painting and coating activities to correct manufacturing methods.

Duties & Functions

- Sand, fill, and prime various surfaces to receive wet coatings and finishes to include but not limited to wood, metal, and plastic substrates.

- Sand, fill and clean products to a smooth surface to match surrounding surface finish.

- Set up sanding and grinding equipment for self and others by selecting the appropriate pads, discs, belts wheels, compounds and fixtures. Prepare and adjust tools and machines for operation.

- Set parts on racks or fixtures to achieve proper coatings in a productive manner.

- Where defects exist, determines whether to re-sand, fill or prime parts. Specify types of pads, discs, wheels, belts, and compounds to be used.

- Monitor finishing activities to ensure correct manufacturing methods are used and department activities are consistent with manufacturing objectives.

- Advise finishing personnel about manufacturing methods to ensure compliance with specifications.

- Maintain quality production results by following company standards.

- Assist in developing timely solutions to problems.

- Perform other duties which may be assigned on an as required basis.

- Maintain a safe, secure, and healthy environment by adhering to organizational standards and policies, and legal regulations including Occupational Safety and Health Act and Environmental Protection Act.

Physical Requirements

Continuous standing, walking, climbing, bending, crouching, stopping, pushing-pulling, carrying, reaching above, lifting-lowering up to 100 pounds, hand-wrist and elbow motion.

Physical exposure to high heat, dampness and noise as well as dirt and dust. Exposure to odors and fumes, toxic chemicals and solvents with moderate to high exposure to respiratory irritants.

Exposure to high noise levels; Good hearing, color discrimination and depth perception are necessary. The ability to judge distance and space relationships, judge luster and shine, will observing up and down and right and left.

Required Knowledge & Skills

- Knowledge and skill in production, wet finishing and finishing techniques and processes

- Knowledge of tools/equipment selection and use.

- Ability to make routine decisions, problem solve and advise. Ability to read bills of material and understands project steps and methods.

- Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.

- Ability to move and gather materials from inventory.

- Ability to make decisions regarding the most efficient work place layout and methods.

- Ability to arrange and organize loads for maximum finishing results. Detail oriented and quality conscious to inspect parts, identify unacceptable material, and ensure finishing results meet company standards.

- Advanced knowledge of trade and of shop safety.

- Ability to provide proper maintenance of shop tools and equipment.

- Must have knowledge of materials and processes related to the company’s manufactured products.

- Required to provide basic hand tools.

- Must be able to manage multiple priorities and work with others.

- Must be able to demonstrate a professional attitude when approaching work assignments.

Required Education

- High school education or equivalent.

Job Type: Full-time